The Upland Bird Opener

Opening day dawned with non-threatening clouds drifting across the distant peeks of our destination. The sun hidden behind the mountain slopes cast a pale light, presenting the emerald valleys Read More...

The Upland Bird Opener2015-12-15T13:29:00-08:00

Caribou Story

Just over 15 years ago, I had an opportunity to travel to Alaska to go caribouhunting. Man, was I excited! My dad was one of the lucky few that Read More...

Caribou Story2015-10-20T16:36:00-08:00

SPRING 2015 “The Great Moosecapade”

SPRING 2015 Hunt Alaska Last Shot “The Great Moosecapade” by Shawna Pauley   In the Last Shot column running currently in the most recent issue of Hunt Alaska magazine, Read More...

SPRING 2015 “The Great Moosecapade”2015-02-11T14:36:00-08:00

Outfitting Kids for Hunting

If you are like me, then you want to teach your kids to love hunting and fishing. And in order to do that, you've got to make sure that Read More...

Outfitting Kids for Hunting2014-08-05T11:14:00-08:00

100 Hunt Alaska Subscription Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to our winners of the 100 Subscriptions Giveaway! Big thanks to Kryptek Outdoor Group, Muley Media Marketing and all who participated in the contest. We have posted the list of winners here. If Read More...

100 Hunt Alaska Subscription Giveaway Winners!2014-06-16T15:11:00-08:00

Alaska Game Species

Alaska's Game Species Brown Bear Black Bear Caribou Moose Sitka Black-tailed Deer Dall Sheep Mountain Goat

Alaska Game Species2019-11-12T13:28:09-08:00

Float Hunting Alaska with Packrafts

Twenty years ago, if I were asked if it would be possible to effectively hunt big game on Alaska’s rivers using a 15-pound raft, I would have laughed out Read More...

Float Hunting Alaska with Packrafts2021-02-10T15:11:32-08:00

Meat Processing

Bradley Smart Smoker The Bradley Smart Smoker is connected to your phone, or mobile device through the ISmoke app. This allows you to control and monitor your cooking/smoking experience Read More...

Meat Processing2021-02-10T15:11:32-08:00

Welcome to the New Website

Welcome! We are so thrilled to bring you our new website. This project has been several years of work for our staff. From figuring out who could design our Read More...

Welcome to the New Website2017-11-04T20:28:35-08:00

Submit Your Articles

Do you have a story for us? Or maybe some favorite tricks other hunters would benefit from knowing? Maybe it is a favorite family caribou recipe. Whatever your specialty, Read More...

Submit Your Articles2023-05-23T08:58:28-08:00


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