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Latest Hunting Articles

by Larry Bartlett Waders: hippers vs. chest-high Dry bag selection Floating more and hunting less Check your ego at the counter (think water character not antlers) Bring more money! I’ve been planning do-it-yourself float hunts in Alaska for 20 years, and the lessons from hundreds of clients has revealed a list of strategic errors made […]

by Larry Bartlett Backcountry Health Study pinpoints caloric demands on arduous river hunts Dating back about 40k years ago, hunters were actually survivalists. They developed projectiles and knives f

Latest Recipes

By Slippery Salmon Bar & Grill Sauerkraut Ingredients: 4 heads of cabbage (roughly 2 pounds each will make 4-to 5-quarts of kraut to preserve) ¼ cup of red Hawaiian sea salt infused with Korean pepper powder (Gochugaru) ¼ cup kosher salt 2 tsp caraway seeds 2 sixteen-ounce bottles of water, as needed Additional Ingredients: Alaskan […]

Cold-Smoked Elk Steaks by Levi Strayer of Smokehouse Products A smokin’ twist to a classic elk steak recipe! Elk tenderloin and backstraps often produce the best steaks around our neck of the woods,

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