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The Best Hunting Gear for Alaska

Hunting in Alaska requires careful planning, physical exertion, mental fortitude, and high-quality gear. We love everything about it! From chasing blacktails in the rainforest to high-mountain sheep hunts, moose-calling mayhem to spotting-and-stalking bears, editors at Hunt Alaska have spent decades chasing game both big and small across the Great Land. And each year in the Summer issue, we bring you some of the items that helped us garner success during past hunts. We hope that some of these items make it into your hunting kit and help you be more successful during 2024 hunts.

In these Editor’s choice awards, we delve into the realm of the best hunting gear tailored for Alaska’s rugged terrain and challenging conditions. Our comprehensive coverage spans a range of categories essential for the discerning hunter, including firearms and ammunition, optics for navigating vast landscapes, knives for field dressing, indispensable field accessories, specialized apparel designed to withstand Alaska’s elements, game bags for transporting prized catches, durable packs for carrying gear on remote expeditions, secure kennels for transporting hunting companions, and lastly, essential camping gear for comfortable outdoor living. You will find familiar brands like Leatherman, Vortex  and FORLOH and may discover something new. Join us as we spotlight the top selections in each category, curated by the experts at Hunt Alaska magazine.