Cold Bay Emperor Goose

© Hugh Clark Story & Photos by Hugh Clark President of Alaska Waterfowl Association in Anchorage. It was September in Alaska and waterfowl season was in full Read More...

Cold Bay Emperor Goose2018-06-29T20:17:24-08:00

Shotguns for the Season

Shotguns for the Season By Steve Meyer With the waterfowl opener nearing the 100-day countdown mark, some hunters might be considering a new shotgun. The new autoloaders put out Read More...

Shotguns for the Season2017-11-04T20:10:38-08:00

Hunting the Competition: Predators in Alaska

Hunting the Competition: Predators in Alaska by Steve Meyer The vapor trail from the 55-grain Nosler Varmint Ballistic Tip bullet was clearly visible in the dazzling light of a Read More...

Hunting the Competition: Predators in Alaska2017-11-04T20:41:20-08:00

Shotguns, Bows & Fool Hens

Shotguns, Bows & Fool Hens by E. Donnall Thomas Jr. Although the termination dust had yet to fall, it was the kind of September day that demands the acknowledgement Read More...

Shotguns, Bows & Fool Hens2021-02-10T10:17:51-08:00


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