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The Best Hunting Gear for Alaska

Hunting in Alaska requires high-quality gear that can stand up to the tortuous, unrelenting, and often brutal conditions that Alaska consistently doles out during spring and fall big-game hunting seasons. Bear, caribou, moose, mountain goat, Dall sheep and Sitka blacktail deer are among the many big-game animals in your proverbial sights, be they bow, rifle, or handgun, and you need gear up to the challenge.

For the diehard hunter who ventures afield in winter, perhaps in pursuit of ptarmigan, grouse and snowshoe hare, or on a rare winter big-game quest, the element of bone-numbing cold is a front-and-center consideration. Not only do you need to be certain your body stays protected, but you’ve also got to be sure your gear can hold up and function when the mercury hits zero and keeps heading down.

Perhaps you spend most of the fall with a shotgun in hand, dog faithfully at your side in the blind, in passionate pursuit of ducks. Other times of the fall finds you pass shooting geese. Staying warm, dry and camouflaged are high on your priority list. If that’s not your preference, then perhaps that same shotgun is brought to bear while upland bird hunting. For the spot-and-stalk hunter who struggles to remain still, hunting ptarmigan in the Southwest tundra, or ruffed grouse in the Interior, can be a soul-satisfying experience. This pursuit demands yet another type of kit for maximum hunter performance.

No matter what your hunting preference, Alaska demands that your gear is up for the task. Armed with that knowledge each year, we take to the field to see how products hold up in the Great Land gear grinder, and with pleasure we bring you the 2023 Hunt Alaska magazine Editors’ Choice Awards.