Hunting Accessories

Best Hunting Accessories

Hunting Accessories

Otis Lens Cleaning Kit

Modern hunting involves a variety of optics, with rangefinders, binoculars, and scopes usually considered the most important. For best performance, it’s critical to keep these devices clean, and to do your best to keep them from fogging. We use the Otis Lens Cleaning Kit for this job, which includes a cleaning cloth, anti-fog lens cleaner, lens brush, lens tissue and anti-fog lens swabs. After each day in the field, we go through our optics and give them a quick cleaning.

Vortex Summit Carbon II Tripod + Pan Head

The Summit Carbon II Tripod comes with a pan head and counterweight hook, a rubber packing strap, Arca-Swiss quick-release plate, 1.3 mm hex wrench, and product manual. The packed size is about 18” x 3” and it weighs 2.5 pounds. It’s capable of supporting up to 22 pounds, so it’s not fragile. The minimum operating height is 6.3”; the maximum is 53.3”. If you plan to use the tripod while standing, take the maximum operating height into consideration. The legs are extended with a twist-lock mechanism. The tripod legs can be adjusted out to 80°, 52°, or 24°, allowing you to vary the height and stability of the tripod. We’ve used this to glass deer and like the fact that it’s light, easy to use, and has been reliable. Any optic that is Arca-Swiss compatible can be used on this tripod.

Hunting Accessories

Yeti Rambler 64 oz Bottle with Chug Cap

This is the half-gallon version of the famous Rambler bottle. Like all the Ramblers it’s tough, keeps drinks hot or cold, resists corrosion, comes in several colors, and several different lid configurations will fit it. The Chug Cap allows you to drink or pour out of the cap. The Chug Cap and the bottle are dishwasher safe.

Hunting Accessories

Caribou Gear Magnum Pack Medium

We originally got this kit to use caribou hunting, but we’ve been unable to get that hunt in motion for the last several years, so we used them deer hunting this year. The synthetic bags are light and reusable; we also found them easy to clean. The kit includes: 7 game bags, a plastic bag, game ID tags, and a storage bag for all the items. Weighing in at 2 pounds, it’s a good solution when gear weight is a consideration.

Big Al’s Silhouette Decoys

Scott Haugen is a hardcore waterfowl hunter and our Gun Dogs columnist. He shared, “Be it early season cacklers on the tundra, ducks, or brant, Big Al’s decoys are a great way to quickly increase the size and visibility of your spread. Featuring high-quality photos, these decoys don’t glare, and when kept clean, hold up for years, even when hunting in saltwater habitats. They’re easy to set out and pick up, and quick to move when hunting tidewater.”

Henry EGW Picatinny Rail Mount (H014 Long Ranger Series)

Henry’s H014 EGW Picatinny Rail is made by Evolution Gun Works and designed specifically for the Long Ranger series of rifles. Its one-piece design is made of aluminum and includes all the hardware needed to attach it to your rifle. This mount provides a solid mounting location for your choice of scope and rings. We mounted this onto a Henry Long Ranger in 6.5 Creedmoor.

Hunting Accessories

GoPro Bite Mount + Floaty

The driving force behind the development of the Bite Mount + Floaty were surfers. The reason we at Hunt Alaska like it has nothing to do with surfing. We couldn’t care less about the Bite Mount. We like it because the Floaty protects the camera from impact, and keeps it from sinking to the bottom of the drink if we drop it. Plus, it’s orange so it’s easy to see when you’re looking for it. Keep your GoPro out of Davy Jones’s locker. Use a Floaty.

Hunting Accessories

Yeti Loadout Fully-Loaded Bucket

The Loadout Fully-Loaded Bucket includes the Loadout 5-Gallon Bucket, Loadout Bucket Caddy, Loadout Bucket Utility Gear Belt, and Loadout Bucket Lid. The Fully-Loaded Bucket is similar to your standard 5-gallon bucket, but on a heavy dose of steroids and tweaked and improved to make it the ultimate bucket-carrying solution imagined. Every item is Yeti-tough. For instance, the Bucket Lid can withstand 300 pounds of weight. The lid is clear so you can see through it, and it has a heavy rubber gasket, so it stays securely on the bucket. The bucket has a non-marking rubber bottom, so it doesn’t slide all over the boat deck or pickup bed. It has tie-down slots so you can further secure it. The bucket handle is much stronger and more comfortable to carry than the handles on a normal 5-gallon bucket. The Loadout Bucket Caddy is a removable, 3-compartment tray that suspends on the inside of the bucket, adding some internal organization capability. This Fully-Loaded bucket could be very useful for all kinds of hunters, campers, anglers, and more. It truly is the ultimate 5-gallon bucket.

Hunting Accessories

Yeti Lowlands Blanket

Yeti designed the Lowlands Blanket to be used outside. It’s durable and waterproof on the outside, and padded and insulated on the inside. It’s made of 100% synthetic materials—a plus for any clothing or other insulation product to be used in cold, wet climates like the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Use it at the beach; camping; as an emergency blanket in your vehicle; for shore lunches; possibilities are endless. It comes in its own heavy-duty carry bag. You can machine wash and dry the Lowlands Blanket.

Hunting Accessories

Yeti Hopper M30

The M30 is an updated version of Yeti’s original Hopper. One of the significant improvements is the MagShield Access—the opening on the M30 stays open when needed, making it much easier to load and unload than the original Hopper. The top also folds over and can be strapped closed, helping things inside to stay cold, longer. It has the same carry handles as the original Hopper, as well as a removable shoulder strap. The Hitchpoint Grid (similar to MOLLE) lets you attach a variety of gear to the outside of the M30. We typically load it with 12- to 18 cans and as many “blue ice” blocks as we can fit. In this configuration, the drinks will stay cold for 2 days in 85º weather.

Hunting Accessories

GoPro Gun/Rod/Bow Mount

This mount is designed such that your GoPro is mounted underneath a fishing rod, underneath or beside a gun barrel, or onto the upper riser of a compound bow. This handy accessory allows you to capture really cool footage—maybe your archery shot on that rut-crazed bull moose, or that double you shot on green wing teal with your shotgun. The mount is compatible with most rifles, shotguns, revolvers, pellet guns, fishing rods, and bows. It’s matte black so it’s unlikely to spook game. It comes with all the hardware you need to use the mount. Most GoPros will fit in the mount.

GoPro Hero10 Black

Action cameras just keep getting better and better, and the HERO10 Black is arguably a great one. It comes with a carrying case, rechargeable battery, USB-C cable, and mounting hardware. It is capable of shooting 23 MP stills; that’s about twice as much resolution as say, an iPhone 13 Pro. Its capable of shooting video in either 5.3K video at 60 frames per second (FPS) or 4K video at 120 FPS. The camera is waterproof to 33 feet. Files are stored on a microSD card (not included). The Advanced HyperSmooth 4.0 video stabilization works quite well. Footage can be automatically uploaded to the cloud when charging. This camera is compatible with GoPro’s Quik app making uploading and managing your files easy.

Hunting Accessories


MTNTOUGH is a subscription-based application with a variety of fitness programs to prepare hunters of all levels from pudgy to animal. Some of the workouts require no equipment; others might require your hunting pack, while others might require weight-training equipment. All are designed to be learned through a computer or the phone app. The programs are well designed. Examples of some of the programs: Foundation Program; HP20 – Heavy Pack Program; Backcountry Hunter Preseason Prep; Backcountry Hunter In-Season Training; and several more. Want to enjoy your hunting and your life more? MTNTOUGH can help.

Swagger Stalker QD Swivel Stud Adapter

The Stalker QD Swivel Stud adaptor attaches to the forward swivel stud of a rifle, crossbow or muzzleloader. With this Quick Detach adaptor in place, you can quickly attach a bipod, such as the QD42 or SFR10, along with your sling. We used the Stalker QD Swivel Stud Adaptor on 2 different rifles and have been satisfied with the quick, easy solution it provides.

Hunting Accessories

GoPro Zeus Mini Magnetic Swivel Clip Light

This easy-to-use auxiliary light has 4 brightness modes plus a strobe mode. At the lowest setting, you can get nearly 6 hours of continuous use out of it depending on conditions. Its rechargeable battery can be charged with a USB-C cable (included). It comes with a magnetic swivel clip, light mod, light diffuser, 2-finger adapter, USB-C cable, mounting buckle, and thumb screw. It’s waterproof to 33 feet so a little rain won’t hurt it. It can be clipped onto things such as a hat brim to make an impromptu headlamp. The clip also has a magnet, so it can be stuck on flat, ferrous surfaces such us under the hood of your car. It’s GoPro Mounts compatible.

Gerber Lockdown Drive, silver

This compact multi-tool includes a 2.5” plain-edge blade, a file, a double-sided bit driver (#2 cross driver and medium flathead), an awl, a replaceable #11 blade, and a pocket clip. The closed length is 3.87”. This little tool contains just commonly used tools. It’s ruggedly built and will last for years.

Alpacka Raft Classic Packraft

Contributing Editor Bjorn Dihle is a hunting machine. We asked for his input on products he found useful last season and he explained, “Alpacka Raft makes a variety of packrafts that really open up what’s possible on wild wanders and hunts. I’ve used a variety of models but have recently settled on a size large Classic with a cargo fly for my go-to. Weighing around 7 pounds and taking up about ⅓ of my big Stone Glacier pack, it can be used from everything from day paddles to caribou-hunting river trips.

With a 400-pound capacity, you should be able to carry gear and a boned-out caribou on it. I highly recommend getting the cargo fly feature and storing gear in your hull to make your boat a tank going through rapids and more stable on tricky river sections. I use mine on everything from wilderness epics, to anchoring boats, to a variety of hunting and wildlife watching. They’re not cheap, but they’re a heck of a game changer for the backcountry and a lot of fun.”

Hunting Accessories

MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoe, 25 Inch

MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoes are relatively lightweight at just over 4 pounds for the pair we tested, and the load rating up to 220 pounds means we can carry plenty of gear and supplies on our trek to the ice-fishing hut or in pursuit of ptarmigan and grouse in the deep snow. MSR offers these snowshoes in men’s and women’s designs (featuring different walking gaits), and in sizes to accommodate the weight of a wide range of users. Built with Paragon Bindings to strap you in tight, Ergo Televators to ease uphill slogs, and the option of adding 5” tails for increased flotation, the Lightning Ascent series opens up a lot of terrain for winter hunting, fishing and hiking adventures.

Rogue Gear The Protector Phone Tether 3.0

Contributing Editor Jim McCann shared, “Everyone these days seems to have a cell phone, and for many folks, the camera in a cell phone is the only camera they own or need. Wise owners encase their phones inside a protective case, but such cases don’t prevent the loss of the phone. After dropping my cell phone into the shallow part of a river while fishing, I realized how lucky I was the phone was not swept up in the current and carried off downstream. I set out to solve this problem pronto. I discovered the Rogue Gear The Protector Phone Tether 3.0 that allows me to carry my cell phone wherever I go and no longer have to worry about losing it while still allowing me to put the camera to good use quickly and capture those important moments. And it only costs about 20 bucks.”

Hunting Accessories

Swagger SFR10 QD Bipod

The SFR10 was designed for long-range hunting, competition shooting and combat situations. It attaches via the rifle’s bottom Pic rail; for rifles without a lower Pic rail, an adapter can be purchased. With a range of 6” to 10.5”, this bipod is designed for shooting prone in the field, or from a bench or prone at the range. The Quick Detach lever allows the shooter to remove the bipod when not needed. Legs can be set at 45° or 90° with the push of a button, quietly. Leg tension and height can be adjusted individually. Open tension allows for the most adaptability, while closed tension provides the most rigid support for long-range shooting in a controlled environment. This is a solidly built bipod.

Slayer Waterfowl Calls

Contributing Editor and Gun Dogs Columnist Scott Haugen shared, “Slayer Calls continues to expand their line of duck and goose calls. This past season was my second full year of using both their single- and double-reed calls and I love them. Several hunting buddies heard me using them and now their lanyards are full of Slayer Calls. Slayer Call’s new Ranger has become my favorite duck call due to the volume and clarity it hits in wide-open spaces, making it perfect for so much of Alaska. For early season wigeon and pintail fans, Whistler’s Mother is worth checking out.”

Hunting Accessories

Black Diamond Whippet Ski Pole

Eric Hershey contributes feature articles to Hunt Alaska, has lived in Alaska his entire life, and loves to hunt. He shared this advice, “The Whippet is an absolute must while hunting steep slopes during any season. After witnessing and experiencing several terrifying slides while hunting, I’ve learned the importance of carrying a self-arresting device. The versatility of the Whippet allows for the added stability of a trekking pole while avoiding the extra weight of a traditional ice axe. The ice-pick attachment is also removable so it can be stowed away when hunting flat ground, turning it into a regular trekking pole. Hopefully it’s never actually needed to stop a slide but still provides great peace of mind in the meantime.”

Uncharted Supply Athena

Uncharted Supply fittingly named this portable energy solution the Athena—the Greek goddess of wisdom, warfare, and handicraft. This handy device is strong enough to jump start a 6L engine, versatile enough to charge devices via USB, USB-C, and two USB ports, and clever enough to include a flashlight so you can light up the darkness when you’re hooking everything up. This is the sort of tool that can keep an adventure from turning into an ordeal.

PHOOZY XP3 Series Thermal Capsule

The Thermal Capsule protects your smartphone from drops, sun, snow, heat and cold. It is heat and cold proof, and thus preserves battery life. An especially strong benefit is that it floats, so if you drop that $900 phone in the drink, you won’t have to kiss it goodbye. An internal stash pocket can hold your credit cards and cash, or other small items. The XP3 is available in 9 colors and a variety of sizes to fit whatever smartphone you use.

Hunting Accessories

PHOOZY Insulated Tablet Case

PHOOZY Insulated Tablet Cases provide sleek, rugged protection from drops, heat, cold, and water for your iPad or other tablet, and it floats—a major plus if you’re using it around water. It has a hook-and-loop closure that provides IP66 water resistance, though we don’t consider it waterproof. The Impactor Core provides drop protection as well as floatation. It comes with a removable, adjustable shoulder strap, and it has a multi-point attachment grid so you can attach other gear to it. The case is heat and cold resistant, so it preserves battery life. It comes in 6 colors and a number of sizes to fit tablets from Apple, Microsoft and Samsung. If you carry your tablet on the boat or in a side-by side, this is a great accessory.

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