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100 Hunt Alaska Subscription Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to our winners of the 100 Subscriptions Giveaway! Big thanks to Kryptek Outdoor GroupMuley Media Marketing and all who participated in the contest. We have posted the list of winners here. If your name is on it, please send us an email at with your name, address, email and phone number.

To all who did not win this time, we have another contest going on right now where you could win a Premium Leupold VX2 3-9X40 Scope or Leupold BX3 Mojave 10X50 Binoculars. Click here or on the banner below for more details.

Also, if you love our magazine, we have tons of specials going on right now with Hunt Alaska magazine subscriptions as low as $10.   


Abbey, Steve 
Arnell, Kelly Gus 
Austin, Joe 
Bartlett, Starr M Bailey 
Beemer, Scott H.  
Bell, David 
Bepler, Randy 
Besst, Tyson 
Bingham, Kelly Shane  
Black, Curtis 
Bladen, James 
Blaz, Jeremy  
Bouley, Todd 
Britt, Travis 
Brown, Tim 
Bryson, Bill 
Buck, Mike 
Bulliner, Peggy 
Burks, Jason 
Busse, Josh 
Cansler, Christopher 
Carrera, Roldolfo 
Castrejon, Caleb 
Clouse, Roger 
Cole, Ken 
Cooper, Brad 
Cox, Bryan 
Degler, Kevin 
Denny, Allen 
Dillon, Michael 
DuBois, Joshua 
Fassotte, James 
Fleig, Billy 
Frazzini, Nick 
Garcia, David 
Gebers, Scott A. 
Gilkey, Aaron 
Gilman, Karl 
Grace, Brent L. 
Grittinger, Eric 
Hansen, Noelle 
Harlow, James 
Harris, Kevin 
Harrison, Joe 
Hudson, Deborah 
Jackson, Kirk 
Jansen, Mike 
Jones, Harold 
Kaufman- Prengal, Danielle 
Keller, Zack 
Kelly, Curt 
Ketron, Kevin 
Lambert, Joseph 
Lane, Kathy 
Langley, Robert 
Langstraat, Rick 
Lewellyn, Levi 
LoPresto, Shane 
Ludwig, Kurt 
Mason, Derek 
McClain, Jared 
McKenna, Paul 
Meksyphet, Bats 
Merkley, Zachary 
Moldovan, Adam 
Montegomery, Bill & Linda 
Montegomery, Brianne 
Morris, David 
Moss, Brandon 
Nicholson, Scott  
Olson, Troy 
Olsson, Andrew 
Owens, Jaxon 
Pabst, Gail Gibson 
Padgett, Ed 
Pead, Kyle 
Perry, Tyrell 
Phillips, Bronko 
Platz, Eric 
Price, Fred John 
Roberts, Ronald 
Ryan, Phillip 
Scardino, Mark 
Schock, Greg & Paula 
Sickafoose, Jennifer 
Smith, Andrew D 
Tackett Osbourne, Stephanie 
Tipton, James 
Valcourt, Roger 
VanCleave, Jeff 
Vibe, Kyle 
Walter, Philip M.  
Warrick, Robert 
Wheeler, J.R. 
White, John 
Williams, Trey 
Willoughby, John 
Wilson, Megan 
Wisneski, Ben 

Congratulations to our winners! If you have further questions, comments, or concerns, please call us at (877) 220-0787. Offer is non-transferable. Winners must claim prize on or before 06/26/14. 

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