Knives & Cutting Tools

Knives and cutting tools make hunting in Alaska easier. These are the best hunting knives and tools for 2021 Knives & Cutting Tools Spyderco Siren This Read More...

Knives & Cutting Tools2021-05-07T10:21:38-08:00

Game Processing & Cooking Gear

From processing your game to grilling for friends and family, these products are great for every hunter. These are the best game-processing and cooking gear items for 2021 Read More...

Game Processing & Cooking Gear2021-05-07T10:22:14-08:00

Meat Processing: Preventing Spoilage in the Back Country

By understanding the three variables and their relation to each other, the expedition hunter will have the knowledge needed to bring home the highest quality meat yield.

Meat Processing: Preventing Spoilage in the Back Country2020-10-28T13:56:16-08:00

Bags, Packs, and Storage

Getting into the wilderness is half the battle. Thankfully, we've compiled our favorites when it comes to storage, packs, kennels, and more. These are the best game bags Read More...

Bags, Packs, and Storage2021-05-07T10:22:27-08:00

Shipping Tips for Fish and Game

Once an animal is down, both the hard work and execution of your logistics plan to get the animal out of the field begins. © Brian Woobank Read More...

Shipping Tips for Fish and Game2019-05-21T12:50:49-08:00

Raspberry Island Elk Hunt

The last pack out is usually the best. © Brian Watkins by Brian Watkins I’ve hunted goats while balancing on cliffed-out peaks in Alaska. I’ve spent 22 Read More...

Raspberry Island Elk Hunt2019-03-12T20:00:12-08:00

Pack Gear, Storage, and Food

ROKMAN Extreme Combo Pack ROKMAN produces a line of premium waterproof packs for the extreme outdoorsman. Featuring a patent-pending Quick-Change System, their Carbon Fiber Pack Frames are interchangeable Read More...

Pack Gear, Storage, and Food2021-02-10T15:10:39-08:00

Taxidermy Tips for the Alaskan Hunter

How to care for your trophy in the field in Alaska It has finally happened. The animal you’ve dreamed about taking is lying on the ground. Now what? If Read More...

Taxidermy Tips for the Alaskan Hunter2021-02-10T11:36:07-08:00

How to Make Homemade Jerky

6 steps to making your own moose, caribou, or deer jerky at home Blog and Photos by Melissa Norris Alaska’s moose, caribou, and deer make great jerky because their Read More...

How to Make Homemade Jerky2018-09-14T21:00:26-08:00

2018 Holiday Gift Guide Pt. 1

It’s that time of year again when hunters across the country are hard at work figuring out what gifts to give their hunting-crazed friends and family. We put our Read More...

2018 Holiday Gift Guide Pt. 12021-02-10T12:45:57-08:00

Gutless Field Dressing

Story and photo by Scott Haugen Gutelss field dressing big game is an essential part of the hunt. If going after moose or elk, I’ll take a small folding Read More...

Gutless Field Dressing2021-11-26T13:18:54-08:00

Sausage Making

Sausage Making By Tom Claycomb “Why make my own sausage?” you may ask. Here’s how I’d answer: If you shoot an animal and take it to the processor, your Read More...

Sausage Making2021-02-10T10:10:29-08:00

Getting It Home

Getting It Back Home By Paul Atkins Whether you’re a resident just completing a successful hunt and want to get your meat and hide to a local processor in Read More...

Getting It Home2021-02-10T10:11:09-08:00

Meat Processing

Bradley Smart Smoker The Bradley Smart Smoker is connected to your phone, or mobile device through the ISmoke app. This allows you to control and monitor your cooking/smoking experience Read More...

Meat Processing2021-02-10T15:11:32-08:00


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