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Pack Gear, Storage, and Food

Wilderness Pack Specialties Bighorn Frame Combo
The Bighorn Frame Combo pack is designed to handle everything a hunter will face on multi-day wilderness hunts. The Bighorn combines the Wilderness Pack Specialties’ Handi-pack bag system with their lightweight, rugged Bighorn frame. They combine a super-strong, U.S. Military-tested Xenoy composite frame, which is guaranteed unbreakable and features a load rating of 120-plus pounds, with their belt and harness system. We look forward to putting the frame to the test this fall on a western Alaska moose hunt.

LEM Big Bite Grinders
The revolutionary Big Bite Grinders live up to their name with speed and performance that deliver a premium grind. They are all stainless steel for durability that will stand the test of time. The rifled-head design and advanced Big Bite technology offer a superior second grind, while virtually eliminating stomping and vastly improving the sausage-stuffing function. There are five different sizes of grinders: #5, #8, #12, #22 and #32. LEM believes in this grinder so much that it extended the warranty to five years


Wilderness Pack Specialties Compact Frame Combo
The Compact Frame Combo is similar to their Bighorn Frame Combo in that it has the same pack bag, just with a different frame. It’s 2 inches shorter and narrower than the Bighorn, which makes it ideal for bowhunters. The pack comes standard with a bow or rifle sling and like all Wilderness Pack Specialties packs, it is hydration bladder-ready and rain-resistant. The frame is made of a super-strong polymer composite with a load rating of 120 pounds. The 3,000-cubic-inch pack bag has many features, including 11 external pockets, unbreakable nylon buckles and compression straps.

Bradley Smoker Smart Smoker
We’ve been using this electric smoker and are impressed. The smart phone app to control the smoker is both cool and useful. The smoker allows you to really dial in temperature control, resulting in perfectly smoked salmon and perfectly cooked jerky. The unit has a touch screen, large capacity and two temperature probes. It also features an automatic feed system for the wood discs it burns. Bradley makes multiple flavors of wood discs; we recommend trying the variety pack which includes apple, alder, hickory, maple and mesquite.


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