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Getting into the wilderness is half the battle. Thankfully, we’ve compiled our favorites when it comes to storage, packs, kennels, and more.

These are the best game bags and storage gear for 2020

Alaska Game Bags GBM 1675 Game Bag Roll
Alaska Game Bags GBM 1675This 16-inch roll (stretches to 54 inches) is 75 feet long, and allows you to create whatever size game bag you need. We simply tie knots at the open ends after cutting to the size required. We like the flexibility of this system and the roll provides enough game bags for many hunts.
Alaska Game Bags Alaska Pack
Alaska Game Bags Alaska PackOur tester had this to say: “These bags were nice to have out in the field with me. They are lightweight, and easy to pack. The bonus part was the extra stuff that comes in the package. Having a pair of latex gloves and tags makes it really easy to stay clean and keep bags organized. Also, when dealing with quarters it was nice to just roll the bags down the meat. Overall the bags are durable and handy to have.”
SealLine Pro Dry Pack 120L
SealLine Pro Dry Pack 120LTotally waterproof, built tough, with lots of capacity; this is an ideal pack for transporting your gear to Alaska and then to use it in all weather conditions on any adventure. We especially like using these bags on float trips, since they are bulletproof, waterproof and float, and over the years we have learned how to easily fit 50 pounds of gear into this size bag. Testers still remember watching one of these packs float down the Kisaralik River and disappear, only to be found floating downriver several miles later.
Plano All Weather Series 52” Double Long Gun Case
Plano All Weather SeriesAirline approved, waterproof, dustproof, wheeled, pluck-to-fit foam, lockable, with a pressure-relief valve, and capable of hauling two of your favorite long guns, Plano created a winner here. It’s built tough, full-featured, and is a great choice for protecting and transporting your rifles and/or shotguns. It will hold two typical rifles/shotguns.
Plano Field Locker Mil-Spec Pistol Case Large
Plano Field Locker Mil-Spec Pistol Case LargeThe Field Locker Mil-Spec Pistol Case is a heavy-duty case designed to protect your handguns during transport. Features include high-density, customizable foam; reinforced padlock gates; over-molded, heavy-duty handle; heavy-duty waterproof Dri-Loc gasket; pressure-relief valve; extra-wide latches, and is stackable and can interlock with other Field Locker Series cases. This is a very robust case that can carry two typical handguns.
Gunner G1 Kennel Series
Gunner G1 Kennel SeriesScott Haugen, Associate Editor and hunting dog aficionado, brought us this wisdom: “No kennel on the market offers what a Gunner Kennel does when it comes to safety and protection of your hunting dog. Gunner Kennels are the only dog kennels on the market that have passed and dominated the many intensive and comprehensive crash tests they’ve been put through, earning these travel crates the first 5-Star Crash Test Rating from the Center for Pet Safety. They’ve been tested to withstand over 4,000 pounds of force, a blast from a 12-gauge shotgun at close range, an impact of over 600 pounds dropped on them, and they’ve been tossed off 200-foot cliffs and made it. But some of the most impressive testimonials of Gunner Kennels come from hunters who’ve survived vehicular crashes, as have their dogs. To hear some of these stories gives you chills, but to see pictures capturing the severity of the wrecks, and how the dog and kennel survived, leaves any serious hunter who travels a lot with their dog, realizing what their next kennel purchase should be. Gunner Kennels come with a plug and specially designed floor for draining, aftermarket accessories, a lifetime warranty and a range of sizes.”
Yeti LoadOut GoBox 30
Yeti LoadOut GoBox 30Touted as “The Cargo Box That Knows No Bounds,” The LoadOut GoBox 30 is about as technical and feature-packed as a cargo box can be. It’s super tough and impact resistant, plus it’s waterproof, dustproof, and lockable. Inside, it has a removable divider that splits the main compartment in half, plus a removable, divided tray for smaller items. It also has the Pack Attic storage feature in the lid. All told, this box allows you to organize in ways previously unavailable. Heavy-duty hinges and latches, handles on all sides, Bearfoot non-slip feet, tie-down slots and more make this box extremely useable and versatile, both for hunters and anglers as well as other adventurers.
Primos KennelUP Dog Kennel
Primos KennelUP Dog KennelMany bird hunters share the field with their dogs. Associate Editor Scott Haugen shared his insights on kennels. “For bird hunters who have a dog as a hunting partner, you know there are many kennels on the market. I’ve tried a number of kennels and seen many more in use by fellow hunters. When it comes to picking a kennel, only you know what’s best for your dog. Recently I’ve used the new KennelUP by Primos. What I like about this kennel while traveling the many logging roads I hunt in southeast Alaska—often amid rain, snow, and mud—is its lightweight yet durable construction, which makes it easy to handle in less than ideal situations. From summer training travel to snow-packed conditions on winter hunts, my dogs are very comfortable with the new Primos KennelUP Dog Kennel. Weighing just 37 pounds, this kennel is easy to manage thanks to its heavy-duty handles and streamlined design. The single-walled, one-piece, roto-molded kennel features rubber feet and integrated aluminum tie downs which ensure it stays secure in the truck, meaning it’s a safe ride on those bumpy gravel roads. The built-in drains of the KennelUP are great during waterfowl season, and the adjustable vents are perfect on hot days. The vents can also be closed to hold in heat on chilly outings. A comfortable, clean ride, that’s what the KennelUP has to offer.”
Diamond D Leather Rifle Butt Cuff Holster
Diamond D Leather Rifle Butt Cuff HolsterHere are more insights from Contributing Editor Steve Meyer: “On a single-shot rifle, having spare cartridges readily accessible is a must. The Diamond D Leather Rifle Butt Cuff fills the bill nicely. It is a lace-up cuff that works perfectly with straight stocks, as it is intended. This is a robust cartridge holder, with double stitching at stress points. Once broken in a bit, the cartridges are held securely, and the design allows one to push up the cartridge from the bottom and then grasp it to remove from the top. From the drop of the falling block to eject the spent cartridge, the hand moves easily to the spare cartridges, making quick reloading possible. The six-round capacity is more than enough for any big-game hunting. The build of this piece suggests I will be long planted before it wears out.”
Diamond D Leather Alaska Hunter Hip Holster
Diamond D Leather Alaska Hunter Hip HolsterWe used this holster with our .44 Magnum Ruger Redhawk and it worked perfectly. The holster provides a snug fit and it is streamlined so that it sits on the hip but is not in the way. Craftsmanship of the holster is first rate. There are three screws on the back of the holster, and this feature enables the user to either slide their belt through the loop, or unscrew the three screws and wrap it around a backpack or any other strap. The standard loop will fit up to a 1¾” belt; remove the two upper screws and it can accept up to a 2½” strap/belt. Diamond D Leather offers this holster for many different makes and models of pistols and revolvers and offers other customizable options for the holster.

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