From processing your game to grilling for friends and family, these products are great for every hunter.

These are the best game-processing and cooking gear items for 2021

Game Processing and Cooking Gear
LEM Backwoods Breakfast Fresh Sausage Seasoning
Publisher Marcus Weiner’s four boys can’t get enough of the moose breakfast sausage he makes with this seasoning. After returning 10/3/20 from a successful moose hunt, Marcus made 25 pounds of breakfast sausage on 10/5. By 1/12/21, it was gone! Another 25 pounds has been made and will be gone soon. The seasonings are delicious, and the sausage made with it is consistently excellent.
LEM MaxVac Pro Chamber Vacuum Sealer
We have been sealing bags of fish and game for several years with this unit and there is no turning back. It functions like a champ through major fish-and-game packaging and the unit is simple to use. 6-year-old Maizie has been manning the MaxVac Pro in the Norris assembly line for a couple years now. If you want your frozen fish and game to remain fresh-tasting for long periods of time, it’s crucial to have a quality vacuum sealer like this one.
Weston Original Jerky Gun
This is a high-quality jerky gun that holds a generous 1.5 pounds of meat with each filling. Our tester appreciated the smooth trigger operation and easy cleanup. The interchangeable nozzles provide options for a sausage funnel, double 1/8-inch strips, or double 1/2-inch-diameter sticks.
Weston Pro 320 10” Meat Slicer
After having used this meat slicer for many years, we feel it is truly deserving of an ECA. We have been on a kick of cooking roasts in our Instant Pot, then using this slicer to cut thin pieces of game meat for sandwiches like pepper steaks and French dips. Additionally, this slicer allows us to save money by buying whole chunks of processed turkey or ham and slicing them at home. The unit is easy to take apart and cleans up easily. After many years, the blade is still razor sharp.
Genesis Coffee Lab Steeped Singles
Alaskan-owned Genesis Coffee Lab roasts single-origin, direct-trade, specialty coffee locally in Wasilla. It’s really delicious! In addition to their whole beans, they have come out with a great product that is perfect for the outdoors in Alaska. A single-serving, biodegradable coffee bag—just place in hot water and steep for a couple of minutes. It’s an easy-to-make and delicious cup of coffee to enjoy in the wild and it is totally lightweight. Find the medium roast at Barney’s Sports Chalet in Anchorage and the Espresso Roast singles as well as their whole beans at Three Bears statewide.
Weston 40 lb Heavy-Duty Meat Lug
We’ve put this storage tub to multiple uses in 2020. From grinding game meat for burger and sausage, to use as a mixing tub for making a big batch of salmon burgers or breakfast sausage, to a storage bin when shelling piles of Dungeness crab, to a storage tool for holding a mess of salmon fillets. It’s sturdy, easy to clean, not too big but big enough to hold 40 pounds of meat, and generally very handy.