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In a constant quest to make a better bullet, the people at Black Hills Ammunition wanted the new technology that their friends at Hornady discovered, which made excellent bullets better. Using new ELD-M (Extreme Low Drag – Match) and ELD-X (Extreme Low Drag – eXpanding) bullets, they upgraded their Gold line rifle lineup with the […]

SKB 3i-5014-DB-M Watertight Double Bow Case MSRP: $289.99 The iSeries 5014 Double Bow Case features a bunk-bed storage system with rigid foam dividers to provide separate compartments and with convolu

Sightmark Wolverine LQD The new Wolverine LQD is the much-anticipated locking, quick-detach addition to the Wolverine family, already known for their durability and longer-than-yourslifespan. With up

Bradley Smart Smoker The Bradley Smart Smoker is connected to your phone, or mobile device through the ISmoke app. This allows you to control and monitor your cooking/smoking experience with ease and convenience. Many features have been incorporated into the smoker that allow it to perform in harsh environments and make it built better and […]

Hilleberg Niak The single-vestibule two-person Niak weighs just 3 pounds, 12 ounces, so it’s a great choice for two people who want to go as light as possible.  But it is also a palatial solo tent,

Pristine Ventures Kork The Kork is an 11-foot packable raft that weighs under 40 pounds, though it is capable of carrying more than 1,000 pounds of man, gear and animal. Pristine Ventures designed thi

Custom knife-maker Gary Bolduc is making something special. The knives he crafts are above the quality that most have handled. Gary sent a couple knives to test for our gear review and we are believers. Many writers, TV hosts, outdoor retailers and avid Alaskan fishers and hunters are also big fans of Gary’s knives. Hunting […]

Muck Boots Men’s Woody Arctic Ice Perfect for hunters in extreme  climates and conditions, the Woody Arctic Ice features a groundbreaking Vibram Arctic Grip on the outsole, the most advanced cold-w

Wilderness Pack Specialties Bighorn Frame Combo The Bighorn Frame Combo is designed to handle everything a hunter will face on multi-day wilderness hunts. The Bighorn combines the Wilderness Pack Spec

Can Am Defender This side-by-side comes in a range of body styles from the compact Defender to the 6-seat Defender Max HT. All feature heavy-duty Rotax engines (three options to choose from), have been designed to handle narrow trails with a tight turning radius, incorporate a cargo bed well-suited to a range of hauling needs, […]

SPOT Gen3 and Trace SPOT allows you to track assets, notify friends and family of your location, mark waypoints, track your progress or notify rescue officials in an emergency. Through 9/4/17, get 50%

ArcticShield Heat Echo Fleece Vest This water-resistant, windproof vest is made of a polyester shell with fleece interior and contains ArcticShield Retain Active heat-retention technology, which is li

Alaska Game Bags Gun Sock Alaska Game Bags makes various models of gun socks from synthetic material that fit a handgun, shotgun and rifle. They are light, yet tough, and offer protection for your valuable firearm. The handgun version is 14 inches long, while the rifle model is 50 inches and the shotgun model is […]
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