Alaska Tent and Tarp Arctic Oven Igloo
Arctic Oven tents have been trusted by outdoor enthusiasts all over the world for over 35 years. Through the years, new tent models and designs have been added to the lineup, creating a tent for just about any scenario. The Arctic Oven Igloo is one of the more-popular models, featuring a geodesic-dome shape, which is ideal for high-wind situations. This tent is 35% lighter than similar tents of the same size within the Arctic Oven tent lineup. The weight savings opens up the market to pilots, rafters and explorers, as well as their traditional customer base of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

Stone Glacier Skyscraper 2P Camping Tent
This new four-season camping tent from Stone Glacier is light, spacious, and rugged. It features SlingFin WebTruss technology, which makes the tent strong, easy-to-pitch and provides a low wind-profile. It only weighs 4 pounds, 4 ounces and provides 32 square feet of floor space, a 41.5-inch interior height and two vestibules for storing camping gear.

Heatmax HotHands Hand Warmers
Providing up to 10 hours of safe and natural heat, HotHands Hand Warmers are single-use, air-activated heat packs that are compact and fit nicely within most gloves and mittens. We’ve used them for over a decade on both hunting and fishing trips, and always keep some handy on outdoor adventures when its cool or cold, especially when children are along. Each package contains a pair of warmers. HotHands also makes toe warmers, foot warmers, insole foot warmers, and body warmers. Visit Alaska’s Fred Meyer stores to find HotHands products.

Hilleberg Niak

The single-vestibule two-person Niak weighs just 3 pounds, 12 ounces, so it’s a great choice for two people who want to go camping as light as possible.  But it is also a palatial solo tent, perfect when you want to be as comfortable as possible while still traveling and camping light. The Niak is part of Hilleberg’s Yellow Label series, tents designed for warm weather, snow-free use, and that offer very light weight while still being quite strong.


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