Modern Day Mountain Man DVDs
Fit For Alaska is a revolutionary, 3-DVD set specifically designed for mountain hunters of all fitness levels. Fit For Alaska offers maximum workout efficiency that can be done at home, with minimal equipment. After mastering the movements in the instructional version of a workout (typically three- to four sessions), viewers will move on to the advanced version. Here, one repetition of each movement will be demonstrated full screen before transferring to a small, corner screen for referral, at which point the main screen will showcase big-game hunting adventures from across Alaska; brown bear, moose, Dall sheep, wolf, caribou, and much more!

SPOT keeps you connected to family, friends and emergency responders as well as protects your most valuable toys from theft. SPOT X two-way satellite messenger is the newest addition to the SPOT family. This hand-held device features a full keyboard, paper-lit screen, built-in rechargeable batteries and allows you to have direct communication with emergency services. Its unique phone number allows friends and family to contact you regardless of cellular coverage. The IP67 rating comes with all the functionality of the original SPOT products including GPS tracking, and check-in.

Vortex Optics Fury HD 5000 10×42 Laser Rangefinding Binocular
High-quality optics and extreme long-distance ranging capability come together in Vortex’s all-new Fury HD 5000 10×42 rangefinding binocular. Convenience, speed, efficiency, and valuable dual-purpose functionally are the advantages of this rangefinding binocular. Capable of ranging reflective targets to an impressive 5000 yards with an improved, lightning-fast readout, hunters and shooters can quickly get distance data needed to effectively execute shots. Distance readings are displayed with .1 increment accuracy out to 999.9 yards/meters for ultimate precision. Calling out ranges for your hunting or shooting partner while reliably watching for impacts is easier with the Fury HD 5000. Critical visual cues are better observed (hit, miss, perfect shot, too far back, last location) and mentally cataloged to aid in decision making after the shot. Illuminated right-barrel display can be set to yards or meters. It features angle-compensated, as well as line-of-sight modes to match user preference and application. Scan mode gives readings as you pan or track a moving animal. The all-new last mode gives the range reading of the object furthest away, but still within the targeted area – ideal for sceneries where the subject you intend to range may have interfering objects in the foreground. Right-side controls are simple to use and easily manipulated with a single hand – leaving your other hand free to hold your bow, rifle or other important piece of equipment. Dialectic, fully-multicoated prisms and XR fully-multicoated HD lenses serve up impressive views. The rubber-armored housing provides a solid grip in all weather conditions as well as extreme durability. Multi-position twist-up eyecups are comfortable and offer customized eye relief. Smooth center focus wheel and left-eye diopter ensure optimal image focus.

DiamondBlade Knives Surge
The Surge knife is focused on function but doesn’t skimp on style. The stainless-steel bolster and generously-sized handle furnish control and safety; the blade design provides you with unerring service. It is a Drop Point-style knife made from Friction Forged D2 high carbon tool steel with a 4-inch blade, Suregrip handle and comes with a Kydex sheath. We used it to take apart two moose and several deer last year and our testers loved how this knife felt in the hand and how it allowed hunters to perform any task needed. Plus, it’s super-sharp and has amazing edge retention.

Spyderco Fish Hunter
The Fish Hunter is a new addition to Spyderco’s extraordinary Salt Series comprised of 100% rustproof knives. Specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of free divers and spear fishermen, it features a symmetrical hollow-ground blade crafted from H-1 steel—a remarkable nitrogen-based alloy that is completely impervious to rust. The blade’s acute point is ideal for quickly dispatching fish, while its fully-serrated SpyderEdge cutting edge makes quick work of fishing line, rope and anything else in its path. To ensure a secure grip both in and around the water, its ergonomic handle is injection-molded from tough fiberglass-reinforced nylon (FRN) and features high-traction bi-directional texturing. Its high-visibility bright yellow color makes it easy to see in all conditions and a generously sized lanyard hole allows the attachment of security lines and lanyards. An injection-molded snap-fit polymer sheath with adjustable G-Clip attachment completes the package.

SG-20 Adhesive Sealant
SG-20 is made of a proprietary blend of two-part polyurethane adhesive material that attaches to neoprene, polyurethane and canvas, making it ideal for repairing different styles of waders,Muck Boots, Frog Toggs, foul-weather and hunting gear. Compromised gear can be fixed quickly in the field by wiping away surface dirt and water from the damaged material and applying SG-20. When mending lightweight breathables, apply SG-20 to the inside of the waders.




Knives of Alaska / DiamondBlade Knives /
Knives of Alaska makes a wide range of high-end outdoorsman’s knives used by hunters and outfitters around the world. The product lineup includes fixed-blade knives, combination sets, Bushcraft and Tactical models, cleavers, saws, hatchets, folding blades, utensils and specialty products. The owner is an Alaskan Registered Big Game Guide and tests each model in Alaska. DiamondBlade Knives feature some of the sharpest, longest-lasting cutting edges on the market, achieved through the process of Friction Forging, which is a forging process focused on the knife edge that uses high pressure and frictional heat to produce an ultra-sharp knife. The product offering includes fixed blade, folder and combination sets. And advancements in the process make the DiamondBlade Pro Series knives ($189.99 to $239.99) more affordable than ever.


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