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6 steps to making your own moose, caribou, or deer jerky at home Blog and Photos by Melissa Norris Alaska’s moose, caribou, and deer make great jerky because their lean fat content aids in shelf life, therefore it makes a great trail food on the go. There are a number of ways to make your […]
I could see the bull long before I got to him; he wasn’t a monster, but he was legal and respectable nonetheless. It was also the last day of our seven-day hunt and probably the last chance I would have at taking bull during the season. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry, but […]

Moose Pastrami Reuben from Melissa Norris Makes 2 servings We swtich up the traditional reuben here with an Alaskan twist. Our good friends the Lundales had an “emergency thaw,” which means they h

BBQ Mooseballs by Cristy Bishop The smell of these wafting through the house when they are cooking brings everyone to the kitchen asking, “Is dinner ready yet?” In addition to family dinner night,

By Marcus Weiner Mac decided that he would obtain a Tier 1 caribou permit in Unit 13, which would allow him to hunt caribou early and take either-sex animal. This was a meat hunt, so Mac and Eagle figured to get to camp a day early, hopefully find some caribou, and take one in the […]

  The moose (Alces alces) is the world’s largest member of the deer family, and the Alaska subspecies (Alces alces gigas) is the largest of all the moose. In prime condition, a mature male

I sat down to begin glassing a large muskeg bog. Through my ten-power binoculars I studied a big, black shadow between two spruce trees. For a brief instant I was scared a black bear was hunting this bog, too. Still looking at this dark shadow and trying to decide what it really was, it moved. […]

I’ve lived in Anaktuvuk Pass, AK, for 12 years and believe me, I have seen a lot. Anaktuvuk means  “caribou droppings” in the Native tongue. Clearly, there are a lot of caribou here. The Nunami

Hunting the Big Boys: Five Steps for Moose Success by Paul D. Atkins I could see the bull long before I got to him; he wasn’t a monster, but he was legal and respectable nonetheless. It was also th

Steaks with Caper Shallot Gravy by Tiffany Haugen We were hesitant the first time we attempted cooking a rutty moose, as we’d heard mixed reviewson the meat quality. This recipe, developed specifically for stronger venison, combines a neutralizing marinade and gravy and comes out delicious every time. Ingredients 1 lb venison steaks (moose, caribou, deer, […]

Ana’s Pulled Moose Sandwich by Ana Taylor This sweet and spicy rub, combined with the tanginess of the vinegar bath, produces a delightful mix of flavors. A long cook time on a low temperature wil

PHOTOS More PhotosSubmit your Photos PHOTOS Moose Sheep Bear All Other Species Scenic Alaska HFC Favorites Kids’ Photos Steve Johnston took this moose with one shot at 206 yards.

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