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On The Cover

Paul Taylor took this big brown bear during the final moments of his bear hunt. © Skylar Scheid



Musk Ox Expedition by Eric Hershey

Musk oxen inhabit lonely places. Hunting for them is usually a winter effort, and generally involves brutal weather, snowmachines, and rifles. But Eric Hershey and his father planned a late February Nunivak Island musk ox expedition with a notable caveat: Eric wanted to take a mature bull musk ox with a bow.


Gunning Sharp-tailed Grouse in a Place That’s Always Been by Jim McCann

Alaska isn’t the first place most upland bird hunters think of when they think about great upland bird hunting, but the Interior has healthy populations of a few different upland species, including sharp-tailed grouse. Jim McCann and his Brittany spaniels have been chasing them for decades. Few, if any, Alaska hunters have more experience or in-depth knowledge of Alaska sharptails than Jim.


All-Around Big Game Calibersby Scott Haugen

What caliber to use for big-game hunting in Alaska is an argument that will never be definitively answered. Is it the venerable ’06? The more powerful .300 Win Mag, or perhaps the even more powerful .338 Win Mag? Everyone who hunts in Alaska has a favorite. Author Scott Haugen shares his top nine in this article, based on many years of Alaska hunting experience.


Never Say Never by Paul Taylor

Alaska is the only state in the Union where hunters can pursue one of North America’s iconic, dangerous, big-game species: brown bears. Paul Taylor commissioned Phil Byrd of Arctic North Guides to help him find a trophy bruin. Perseverance is sometimes a necessity when it comes to big-game hunting. During the 11th hour of the last day of the 10-day hunt, Paul was finally presented with an opportunity…