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Brooks Range Grizzlies • Double Ram • Hunt the Haul Road

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The Opener 6

Editor’s Tracks 8

Hunting for a Compliment 10

Gear Shop 14

Technical Talk 18

After the Shot 20

Ballistics & Ammo 22

In the Field 24

Shooting for the Field 26

Life on the Ledge 30

Backcountry Safety 32

Hunt Alaska Recipe 76

Advertiser Index 79

Last Shot 80


The Duck Shack

by Mike Chihuly 34

Designed to inspire nostalgia for the brilliant fall weekends afield, there’s nothing quite like the duck shack for author Mike Chihuly. 

Knife Safety

by Karl Findling 40

Alaska hunters tend to work in some sketchy conditions, with numb, sopping-wet hands the norm, which only means more attention to detail is required when handling the knives necessary to get the job done. 

Caribou Trophies off the Dalton Highway 

by Cory Black 42

Six years hunting the same area in interior Alaska have paid off for Cory Black and this group of hunters, who turned another year’s worth of effort into several monster bulls.

A Double Dose of Ram

by Ben Kondro 48

Making just his first sheep hunt in Alaska, Ben Kondro relates the means and methods to his success on this alpine hunt. 

Grizzly Hunting in the Brooks Range

by Scott Haugen 62

Join Hunt Alaska Associate Editor Scott Haugen for one of the premier adventures in the state—stalking Interior grizzlies in the mighty Brooks Range.

Hunting the Haul Road

by Lon Lauber 62

Contributing Editor Lon Lauber walks us through his definitive guide to hunting this remote, yet accessible game corridor.

Predator Calling 101

by Steve Meyer 72

Renewed effort—and the right equipment—has made predator calling fun again for contributor Steve Meyer, who shares his recent success on several Kenai Peninsula outings.

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