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Taking the Alaska Slam




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The Sights & Sounds of September by Billy Molls
Author and Alaska big-game guide Billy Molls runs through his checklist for bagging that trophy moose, one of the state’s signature hunts.

Blacktails & Brown Bears by Bjorn Dihle
At home in southeast Alaska, Bjorn Dihle offers some explanation for the genesis of his passion for the hunt, beginning with his family’s first forays onto Admiralty Island for Sitka blacktails.

Taking the Alaska Slam by Paul Atkins
Eleven species of big game, twelve hunts — Paul Atkins ticks all the boxes on your list of reasons to hunt Alaska. From full-curls to 60-inch moose, there is no other place quite like this for those who’ve gone slam crazy.

Boys & Bunnies by Lon E. Lauber
Looking for the ideal hunt to get your young ones into the field? As Contributing Editor Lon Lauber explains, there isn’t any reason to look further than the snowshoe hare.

Moose Hunt Gone Bad by Scott Haugen
Associate Editor Scott Haugen set out to tag a trophy moose while hunting the wild northwest of Alaska, and then the bush plane engine failed. What followed was an adventure every Alaska hunter should be prepared for.

Good Migrations! by Ryan Schmidt
Mobility — and a great air taxi — proved to be a major key to success for our author, as he traveled into the Brooks Range in search of mega ‘bous.


COVER/ Contributing Editor Paul Atkins with a nice grizzly bear taken this fall. ©Paul D. Atkins

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