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Of Moose & Men

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Luck of the Draw 38
Ryan Schmidt takes us on two exciting permit hunts for bison and muskox.

Of Moose & Men 44
A harrowing tale of a truly memorable moose hunt! Larry Hatter immerses himself in the adventure and comes away with a trophy story.

Setting up a Hunting Camp 52
Contributing Editor Lon E. Lauber takes an
in-depth look at four different camp types and finding which one will work best for your hunt.

Upland Birds on the Kenai Peninsula 60
There’s more to Alaska hunting than just big game! Steven A. Meyer takes his dog and his gun out to find some ptarmigan and spruce grouse.

The First Buck 67
Juneau native Bjorn Dihle shares about his years growing up in southeast Alaska, hunting elusive alpine deer.

Caribou Time 72
A detailed look at the when, where and how of planning your next caribou hunt with Contributing Editor Paul D. Atkins.