Fall 2010


Unguided Hunts • Moose in a Rut • 10 Steps to Stalking




The Opener 6

Editor’s Tracks 8

Hunting for a Compliment 10

Gear Shop 14

Technical Talk 18

After the Shot 22

Wing Shooting 24

Advertiser Index 83

Hunt Alaska Recipe 84

Last Shot 86


Land Management 74

Hunt Alaska Publisher Marcus Weiner takes a look at land ownership in the state of Alaska and provides a road map of the parties involved when planning a hunt on Alaskan lands.


Unguided Hunting in Alaska 32

Paul D. Atkins tells us of some of Alaska’s hunts that are manageable without having to hire a guide.

Hunting Mountain Goats: Always An Adventure 38

Outdoor writer Bob Robb tells us why mountain goats should rank up there with the most coveted of Alaska’s big game species to hunt.

10 Steps to Stalking Success 46

Lon E. Lauber gives readers advice on going stealth to successfully stalk Alaska’s animals.

Bear Doubles 56

Associate Editor Scott Haugen educates us on the differences in hunting both of these amazing bruins.

Capitalizing on the Rut 64

Charlie Ess makes his first appearance in Hunt Alaska with tips on how to capitalize on the moose rut.


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