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26 DIY Icy Bay Moose Hunting
by Marcus Weiner
A do-it-yourself (DIY) moose-hunting expedition is an ambitious undertaking, but it is certainly doable with the right planning, knowledge and teammates. Publisher Marcus Weiner recently executed a successful, DIY hunt with three friends in the Yakutat area. If you’re considering a DIY moose hunt, this article contains a wealth of information to put you on the road to a successful hunt.

36 Dances with Ptarmigan
by Jim McCann
Hunting ptarmigan in the spring in the Interior isn’t for the weak, with challenging, sometimes treacherous conditions characterized by wind-blown slopes covered with snow and ice of various consistencies. Jim McCann has been hunting ptarmigan there for nearly 50 years and this tale of a hunt with three of his Brittanys for the white birds of winter is inspiring and enlightening.

42 Five Tips for Improving Your Shooting Skills in the Off-Season
by John Whipple
It’s ironic that most in the shooting game practice shooting a lot, but big-game hunters are often much less inclined to do so. Lack of practice during the off-season can result in missed opportunities and worse yet, wounded game. John Whipple’s five tips can help you become a better, more ethical shooter and more successful hunter.

48 First Sheep
by Bob Lacher
Hunting Dall sheep can be one of the most physically demanding and dangerous hunts in Alaska. Bob Lacher, no stranger to danger, and hunting partner Angela Spitzer wind up in a situation where the sheep almost come to them, and fog, normally one of the sheep hunter’s nemeses, helps them get the upper hand on Angela’s first full-curl ram.


On The Cover: Tisha Kennell prepared for months for this hunt of a lifetime and was rewarded with her first Dall sheep. © Tel Brown