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Tag: caribou

6 steps to making your own moose, caribou, or deer jerky at home Blog and Photos by Melissa Norris Alaska’s moose, caribou, and deer make great jerky because their lean fat content aids in shelf life, therefore it makes a great trail food on the go. There are a number of ways to make your […]

By Bjorn Dihle The origin of the word “caribou” comes from Newfoundland’s Micmac First Nation clan, the Yalipu. Yalipu roughly translates as “snow-shoveler”—caribou shovel through the

Within the hour we had two very nice bulls on the ground. We were thrilled, thankful and excited. My BowTech bow and Gold Tip arrows preformed flawlessly and the big Arctic bull didn’t go 20 yards after the shot. After taking photos of mine we headed towards my buddy’s bull, which was within eyesight. We […]

  Distributed across Alaska in 32 different herds, caribou (Rangifer tarandus) are the only member of the deer family (Cervidae) in which both sexes grow antlers. Antlers of adult bulls are large

Caribou Trophies off the Dalton Highway by Cory Black I squinted to the east, trying to make sense of what looked like the curved trunks of small alder bushes bobbing along the horizon about a mile aw

Reindeer Wontons with Thai Sauce & Soy Sauce Reduction by Chef Roberto Bonilla and Sous Chef Justin Kruger Snow Goose Restaurant & Sleeping Lady Brewery Ingredients: 1/2 -pound ground Caribou meat 1 tsp. minced fresh ginger 1 tsp. chopped jalapeno 1/2 tsp. diced red bell pepper 1 tsp. minced fresh cilantro 1 tsp. diced red onion […]

Hunting The Haul Road By Lon E. Lauber “Perfect,” I said when I noticed the caribou bull’s gray, velvet-covered antlers towering above the brush. “What a great spot to make a stalk,” I told

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