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Otis Tactical Cleaning Kit Blog by Marcus Weiner Photo courtesy of Otis Technology Breech-to-Muzzle: Reviewing Otis’ Tactical Cleaning Kit As hunters in Alaska, there are a wide range of firearms that can and will be used to harvest game. Looking at rifle calibers, hunters use a plethora of choices, with .22, .243, .270, .300, .308, […]

Single-shot Shotgun blog by Henry Repeating Arms Hunt Alaska partner Work Horse or Show Pony? The Henry Single-shot Shotgun Your introduction to shotgunning could have been taught by Dad, or maybe Gra

Hunting backpacks are a personal choice and there are plenty of options. The new Extreme Combo Pack System made by Rokman is one that should definitely be in the running when narrowing down your list of hunting backpacks. It’s completely waterproof and versatile, allowing hunters to combine several packs into one larger pack all based […]

Lever Action Rifle blog by Henry Repeating Arms Hunt Alaska partner Lever Action Rifles are alive and well on the Hunt There’s never been a better time to be a hunter. Rifle and shotgun choices are

Shipping fish, game, and trophies in Alaska Shipping fish or game out of Alaska? One of the best parts about hunting or fishing in Alaska is getting your meat and trophy out of the field and back home

6 steps to making your own moose, caribou, or deer jerky at home Blog and Photos by Melissa Norris Alaska’s moose, caribou, and deer make great jerky because their lean fat content aids in shelf life, therefore it makes a great trail food on the go. There are a number of ways to make your […]

My journey with Xpedition Archery began in 2015. Xpedition bows feature precise, clean lines, and ooze quality. I had first heard about Xpedition from another archer, and I respected his opinion enoug

You’ve just shot a big-game animal. The adrenaline is pumping; you and your buddies are stoked, and then the reality sets in that the work is now upon you to butcher and pack-out the caribou, moose, bear, sheep, deer, goat, elk, bison or musk ox. In the haste to get started butchering, you snap off […]
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