My journey with Xpedition Archery began in 2015.

Xpedition bows feature precise, clean lines, and ooze quality. I had first heard about Xpedition from another archer, and I respected his opinion enough to make an effort to go demo one. I found out that Full Curl Archery, here in Anchorage, AK, was a dealer. In March of 2015 I shot, and then quickly ordered, an Xcentric 7. I had to sell both of my previous bows to make this happen and since that time have been debating just what bow to pick up as a compliment to my Xcentric 7.

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Earlier this year Hunt Alaska magazine published the 2016 Editor’s choice awards. The 2016 Xpedition Xception was one of the bows awarded. As an Alaskan, I felt a more in-depth review was needed, and as an Xpedition fan, I wanted to see if the Xception met up to its hype. The Xception appeared to fit my needs, and I already knew Xpedition was a good company.

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About the bow, Xpedition states: “The all-new 2016 Xpedition Xception represents the first ‘no compromise’ design in a premium single cam bow. The Xception delivers high performance and ease of tuning with a smooth draw cycle. The new XP-1 cam’s 3-piece construction is a testament to our aerospace manufacturing background. The limb stop on the XP-1 cam provides a rock solid back wall, precise adjustment for draw length with no effect on performance or repeatability.”

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I made another trip to Full Curl Archery and after practically “Robin Hooding” the first two arrows I shot (albeit at close range, but with no sight) I was impressed. The draw felt great, the bow grip felt natural in my hand, and it was every bit the quality product my Xcentric 7 is. It took me a while to make it happen, but my bow finally arrived! The staff at Full Curl installed my Montana Black Gold sights and QAD Rest, and I was off and running.

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Both bows are incredible hunting machines, yet are just different enough that switching between the two does not cause me accuracy or muscle memory conflicts. If you are looking for a two-bow hunting combo, it’s a pretty hard pair to beat. The Xcentric 7 gets the nod for speed, and the Xception gets the nod for its smooth, easy draw. The Xception seems to be smoother initially and builds to peak weight later in the draw. The Xcentric 7 (albeit a smooth draw as well) hits the peak sooner with a smooth dump. The shorter power stroke of the Xception makes a very smooth draw but gives up a bit of speed.

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In my mind the Xcentric 7 will be my choice for mountain hunting where the open terrain might push me to longer shots. The Xception will be ideal for sitting on bait and chasing critters in less open terrain. Despite that, I am confident enough with both bows that either one can back-up the other, a key factor when hunting the gear-destroying terrain and climate of Alaska.

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Having grown up a rifle hunter, tuning bows is a new experience to me. The beauty of Xpedition is how simple they are to tune. The staff at Full Curl Archery has the process dialed-in, and the Xception is about as straightforward as it can get. It seems that most archers find the Xception’s draw force curve smoother, with less “dump” at the back than other bow’s draw cycles. I can feel this as I switch between the Xception and the Xcentric 7. The larger cam and idler system on the Xception make the bow balance extremely well. This new cam is a great example of Xpedition’s desire to build unique, high-quality products, and I couldn’t be happier with the technology and draw of my Xpeditions.

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It took me quite a while to make up my mind as to the best bow to compliment my Xcentric 7. Once I shot the Xception, the decision was made. If you are remotely interested in Xpedition you need to find a dealer and shoot one. Just make sure you are ready to buy, because shooting one just might end in a purchase! If you are in Anchorage, a visit to Full Curl is a must. Last time I was in there they even had an Xception hanging there ready for you to pull it back.
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While I cannot speak for the rest of Hunt Alaska’s 2016 Editor’s Choice Awards, the Xpedition Xception is an award-winner in my book! The more I shoot it, the more I like it.

If you want to learn more, check out Xpedition’s Blog.

Xpedition is active on Facebook and Twitter, so reach out, “xplore”, and perhaps you too will claim #ishootxpedition.