Moose Hunt in Icy Bay

Moose populations in Alaska are strong, with estimates of up to 200,000 moose roaming the Great Land. But since the state is extraordinarily large, there’s not a moose in every pond.

Moose Hunt in Icy Bay2021-02-19T11:10:28-08:00

Raspberry Island Elk Hunt

The last pack out is usually the best. © Brian Watkins by Brian Watkins I’ve hunted goats while balancing on cliffed-out peaks in Alaska. I’ve spent 22 Read More...

Raspberry Island Elk Hunt2019-03-12T20:00:12-08:00

Moose Pastrami Reuben

Moose Pastrami Reuben from Melissa Norris Makes 2 servings We swtich up the traditional reuben here with an Alaskan twist. Our good friends the Lundales had an “emergency thaw,” Read More...

Moose Pastrami Reuben2021-02-10T10:01:02-08:00

A Far Walk From Here

A Far Walk From Here: Hunting Mountain Goats and Deer on Kodiak Island “In order to arrive at what you do not know. You must go by a way Read More...

A Far Walk From Here2021-02-10T10:02:22-08:00

Farewell Bison Hunt

Farewell Bison Hunt by Rick Birch Crossing a swift, two-foot-deep stream, fortunate to have thrown on my Caddis Waders that morning, I tried to advance as far as possible. Read More...

Farewell Bison Hunt2021-02-10T10:03:06-08:00

Black Tail Basics

By Marcus Weiner Often overlooked in Alaska due to the presence of glamour animals such as moose, brown bear, Dall sheep, caribou and mountain goats, the Sitka blacktail deer Read More...

Black Tail Basics2021-02-15T10:11:19-08:00

Moose Balls

BBQ Mooseballs by Cristy Bishop The smell of these wafting through the house when they are cooking brings everyone to the kitchen asking, “Is dinner ready yet?” In addition Read More...

Moose Balls2021-02-10T10:08:19-08:00

In Fruitless Pursuit of Moose

By Marcus Weiner Mac decided that he would obtain a Tier 1 caribou permit in Unit 13, which would allow him to hunt caribou early and take either-sex animal. Read More...

In Fruitless Pursuit of Moose2017-10-14T17:54:32-08:00

Shotguns for the Season

Shotguns for the Season By Steve Meyer With the waterfowl opener nearing the 100-day countdown mark, some hunters might be considering a new shotgun. The new autoloaders put out Read More...

Shotguns for the Season2017-11-04T20:10:38-08:00

Sausage Making

Sausage Making By Tom Claycomb “Why make my own sausage?” you may ask. Here’s how I’d answer: If you shoot an animal and take it to the processor, your Read More...

Sausage Making2021-02-10T10:10:29-08:00

Getting It Home

Getting It Back Home By Paul Atkins Whether you’re a resident just completing a successful hunt and want to get your meat and hide to a local processor in Read More...

Getting It Home2021-02-10T10:11:09-08:00

Life on the Ledge: Judging Yardage

Life on the Ledge: Judging Yardage Story and photos by Lon E. Lauber Shooting at Alaska big game presents a unique set of problems for the bowhunter. They live Read More...

Life on the Ledge: Judging Yardage2017-10-14T19:03:12-08:00

Youth Archery

Youth Archery Story and photos by Melissa Norris Clear! A group of kids ages 6- to 16 walk down the 10-lane, 20-yard indoor archery range at Full Curl Archery Read More...

Youth Archery2021-02-10T10:12:44-08:00

Bacon-Wrapped Ptargiman

Bacon-Wrapped Ptarmigan by Wayne Norris This is a very simple recipe that anyone can make. It is always a crowd pleaser and a great way to showcase Alaska’s state Read More...

Bacon-Wrapped Ptargiman2021-02-10T10:13:22-08:00


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