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Fortymile Caribou

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Hunting the Big Boys
by Paul D. Atkins 36

For many it’s the pinnacle of big-game hunting in Alaska, but taking a trophy Alaska moose requires a lot of planning, and then even more work in the field. Here Paul Atkins provides five easy steps to help you on your way.

Packraft Hunting
by Patrick Cotter 42

Packrafts can open up lots of terrain for Alaska hunters. Here are some ideas for getting it done on your own this year.

A Bison the Old-Fashioned Way
by Howard Delo 48

Journey along for a Delta Junction bison hunt with author Howard Delo, who puts his .50-90 Shiloh Sharps blackpowder rifle to task on taking down an Alaska bison.

15 Tips to Bow-Bagging a Bear
by Lon E. Lauber 50

Lon Lauber details the tactics for Alaska’s bear species, including 15 tips for making your time in the field 
more productive.

A Father & Daughter Annual Hunt
by James McCann 54

Join an avid wingshooter and his daughter—and a pair of Brittany pointing dogs—for their annual grouse hunt.

Fortymile Caribou: A Hunt in the Interior
by Bjorn Dihle 62

Choosing a non-motorized hunting area pays off for the Dihle brothers, who hoof it far from the roads to caribou success.

COVER / Loren Becker of Buffalo, MN, took this caribou north of Tok in the fall of 2012. © Loren Becker