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On The Cover

Sage Indendi was ecstatic carrying the rack of her 70-inch bull. © Wayne McGee




After the Shot

by Scott Haugen

Hunting in Alaska is unlike much of the hunting done in the Lower 48, especially as far as access is concerned. It’s not only tough to get in, once you have an animal, or animals, down, getting them home can present even more problems. There are many things to consider both before and after you pull the trigger. Scott Haugen shares valuable insight on several of these considerations.


Mountain Goat Redemption

by Eric Hershey

Sometimes, from disaster springs victory. A year after a tragic Kodiak archery goat hunt, Eric Hershey and Matt Knapp returned to the scene of the crime for a goat rifle hunt looking for a little mountain goat redemption.



A Tale of Two Bears

by Sarah Stallone

Brown bears are one of Alaska’s iconic big-game animals. In this story Sarah recounts the details of two hunts—one on the Kenai Peninsula and one on the Alaska Peninsula—one of which fulfilled a longtime dream.



A Stage 5 Sheep Hunt

by John Whipple

“The Sportsman Stage is where the hunter prioritizes the experience over the kill and often makes a point of helping or teaching others about hunting.” John Whipple joined his brother, who had drawn the elusive “any ram” sheep permit for the Chugach Mountains, to help him harvest a Dall sheep. Early in the hunt, they made the decision to harvest only a mature ram. The two brothers spent days in the Chugach, covering more than 40 miles in their pursuit.