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The Beginning: A Deer Hunt on Shuyak Island
by  John Whipple 30

John expounds on his joy of hunting Sitka blacktails by recounting the story of his first Sitka blacktail hunt on Shuyak Island years ago. Based on a 95-foot ship, weather delays, bear problems, halibut fishing and his three tagged deer made this one to remember.

Spring Grizzly on Blue Ice
by Bob Lacher 36

Bob’s motto is, “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.” Bob and his friend, Ed, set out with another friend, Erik, to try to help him get his first spring grizzly. Traveling to very high country on snowmachines, Bob brings a classic “Head ‘em off at the pass” story to life, under extreme hunting conditions.

Trojan Moose
by Eric Hershey 42

Eric’s first-ever archery moose from the Chugach mountains was the result of good fortune (drawing the permit), good scouting, sheer determination, excellent strategy and execution, with a healthy dose of luck thrown in. The use of a 2D moose decoy definitely aided him in his stalk.

Hunting the Barren Ground
by Paul D. Atkins 48

Living in Kotzebue, Alaska, Paul Atkins lives within relatively easy striking distance of caribou.  In this feature he outlines where to go, equipment, preparation, hunting styles and more to help you bag Alaska caribou.

Challenging the Arctic
by Casey Dinkel 52

The unforgiving Arctic is the backdrop for Casey Dinkel’s third muskox pursuit. Camping out on the tundra isn’t for the faint of heart or the unprepared, but the rewards of such an adventure form a lifetime-lasting impression on those bold enough and strong enough to challenge 
the Arctic.

A Dream Come True
by Sarah Stallone 58

Dall sheep hunting in Alaska is not normally something that can be done on a long weekend.  Typical hunts are often 7 to 14 days long.  Nevertheless, sometimes the stars align as they did for Sarah Stallone 
on this exciting 3-day hunt.


COVER / Sarah Stallone is elated with her dream sheep. © Sterling Cook

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