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On The Cover

Chad Houser with a big blueberry eater from the Alaska Range.

© Chad Houser




15 Tips to Better Shooting by Scott Haugen

Scott Haugen has hunted big game all over the world, including a lot of time spent chasing Alaska animals. In this straightforward article based on his experience, he provides 15 excellent tips to help you shoot better. Putting these tips into practice should happen well before you’re on your hunt. If you apply them, they’ll improve your ability to place an accurate shot in the field.



Cloud Rams by Eric Hershey

Many consider hunting Dall sheep as the most magnificent of Alaska hunting pursuits. Creatures of the majestic mountains, hunting them requires dedication and peak physical conditioning. Do-it-yourself sheep hunters are a special breed. Eric Hershey and his hunting partner, Adam St. Saviour, are two such men. They both scored full-curl rams on this DIY Dall sheep hunt in the Alaska Range.



8 Great Fall Black Bear Hunts by Gary Lewis

Alaska has good populations of black bears in certain areas. An avid bruin hunter, Gary Lewis describes eight Game Management Units in Alaska in which both residents and nonresidents can bag a black bear on a do-it-yourself adventure.



Mountain Hunt Meal Planning by John Whipple

If you spend significant time in the alpine pursuing goats or sheep on multi-day backpack hunts, your food kit is a vital item. It isn’t feasible to pack enough food to replenish the 4,000- to 6,000 calories you’ll be burning each day, so care must be taken to pack nutrient-dense, lightweight foods that punch above their weight class. An avid mountain hunter, John Whipple shares years of experience in this article.