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28 Phantom Bulls
by Eric Hershey
Some of the best hunting for bull moose happens in the remote, interior sections of the state—an area the Yukon River cuts through from east to west. It’s approximately 1,400 wilderness river miles from the Canadian border to the mouth of the Yukon. A hunting trip down the Yukon requires extreme logistical planning considerations, excellent equipment, solid outdoor skills, and a great team of hunters to pull off successfully. Eric Hershey and company undertook a boat-based, DIY Yukon River moose hunt and scored big.

38 So You Want A Hunting Dog?
by Scott Haugen
Hunting dogs can be a joy, but they also represent a long-term commitment. Before you decide to own a hunting dog, you need to be sure you’re ready for that commitment. Scott Haugen shares some of the things to consider before you decide whether or not you’re ready.

48 A Decade of Discovery on the Dalton
by Steve Opat
The Dalton, AKA the Haul Road, is a unique north-south gravel highway stretching through hundreds of miles of wilderness from just north of Fairbanks to Deadhorse near the Arctic Ocean. It offers unique opportunities for the well-prepared, do-it-yourself hunter. Steve Opat has hunted the Haul Road for a decade, both with a rifle and a bow.

56 Good Medicine—Medical Preparedness for Hunters
by John Whipple
It’s ironic that hunters, especially those hunting in Alaska, are willing to spend thousands on gear and transportation, and invest hours getting in shape, researching, shooting and other important elements of the hunt, yet are often dangerously lackadaisical about the things that could save their, or their hunting partners’, lives. If you want to gain insight on things you can do to be medically prepared in the field, read this article.


On the Cover: Steve Opat arrowed this bull on the Haul Road. Two adages applied: “You won’t arrow a bull if you bring a gun along,” and “You won’t kill a big bull if you shoot a smaller bull first.” © Steve Opat

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