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Ultimate Rush




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Couldn’t Ask for Better by Billy Molls

Moose reign supreme for a large percentage of Alaska big-game hunters, and veteran guide and author Billy Molls invites us along for a signature hunt in the Alaska bush.

Goat Obsession by Bjorn Dihle

There’s nothing like being in goat country for the author, and here he takes us along into the precipitous alpine world of these magnificent animals, searching for just the right billy to bring home.

Tagged Out! by Louis Cusack

Some of the most rugged landscapes in North America await on the Alaska Peninsula, which is also home to some of the largest trophy-class brown bears in the world. Join Alaskan hunter Louis Cusack as he ventures into this remote setting in search of his own trophy.

More Bang for Your Buck by John Whipple

Hunting Alaska is hardly cheap, but here John Whipple explains how to get more mileage from your hunting budget, passing along several ideas to help you maximize your dollar and your chances for success.

Ultimate Rush by Lon Lauber

If you want to experience the ultimate rush, try bowhunting Dall sheep on a solo adventure. In the course of learning just what kind of mettle you’re made of, you’ll also experience one of the greatest wilderness hunts available.

Ducks of the High Arctic by Paul D. Atkins

Northwest Alaska is a well-kept secret when it comes to duck hunting, yet it boasts some of the best waterfowling in the world. With so much water and available habitat, the adventure can be limitless. All you need is a way to get there, the proper license and a shotgun.

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