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Tag: blacktail

6 steps to making your own moose, caribou, or deer jerky at home Blog and Photos by Melissa Norris Alaska’s moose, caribou, and deer make great jerky because their lean fat content aids in shelf life, therefore it makes a great trail food on the go. There are a number of ways to make your […]
Hunting Sitka Blacktail Deer: A Complete Guide by Lon E. Lauber If you were to shoot a quiver full of flaming arrows in my direction to make me choose only one big-game species to bowhunt for the rest of my life, I’d select Alaska’s Sitka blacktails—before I ever got singed.  Here’s why. First, this hypothetical […]

Blacktail Deer Pitas by Marcus Weiner 1 pound blacktail deer roast or backstrap 4 pitas Optional  Topping 1/4 pound button mushroom 1/4 pound yellow onion 1)  Take one-pound roast (preferably a mor

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