Sitka Blacktail Deer by Greg Thomas
Author Greg Thomas tells us one of the most memorable stories of his life hunting for Sitka blacktail deer.

Bows, Rafts & Bulls by E. Donnall Thomas Jr.
E. Donnall Thomas Jr. shares why float hunting for wilderness moose is one of the most efficient ways to take these large game animals — plus you can fish while you float!

Caribou On-Your-Own by Bob Robb
Learn the best ways to hunt caribou, book floatplane services and more from hunter Bob Robb.

Dreaming of Dalls by Lon Lauber
Dall sheep are the stuff dreams are made of. Lon Lauber both tells us and shows us why.

Prince of Wales Island Black Bear by Scott Haugen
Associate Editor Scott Haugen entertains us with his spring bear hunt to Prince of Wales Island where he successfully harvested a beautiful black bear using his crossbow.


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COVER/ Up close and personal with an Alaskan moose. ©Dusan Smetana