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On The Cover

Remote hunts in Alaska

require careful planning

and dependable gear.

© John Whipple




2022 Editors’ Choice Awards

by Hunt Alaska Staff

The seventh annual Hunt Alaska Editors’ Choice Awards showcase the best gear we tested over the last year. Categories for this year’s awards include Firearms and Ammunition; Knives; Field Accessories; Apparel; Packs, Holsters, Luggage and Cases; Camping; and Cooking and Food Storage.



2022 New Gear

by Hunt Alaska Staff

Now is the time to start gearing up for hunting season! Here’s a short list of some promising new items to consider taking to the field with you in 2022. Rest assured; we’ll be testing many of these ourselves this fall.



Alaska Dream Season with a Bow

by Nigel Fox

What are the odds of drawing a Kenai Peninsula bull moose tag and a Kodiak fall brown bear tag in the same year? Not good, but Nigel Fox was fortunate enough to draw both. Despite conflicts with his fall fish-guiding business and weather problems, he managed to arrow both a 50-plus-inch bull and a mature brownie.



Camp-Stove Cookoff

by John Whipple

One of the most used and most important pieces of equipment for backcountry hunters is a cook stove. So many are on the market, it can be hard to choose the right one for you. John Whipple tested six different stoves and measured them on several different characteristics to identify the best. The results speak for themselves.