2021 Annual Gear Guide


4 Hunt Alaska Online
6 Hunting for a Compliment
10 The Hunt
14 Trip Tips
18 Life on the Ledge
22 Red Gold
64 Ad Index
66 Recipe

26 Five for Five at Seventy-Five
by Dave Grover
A remote, do-it-yourself (DIY) moose hunt isn’t for everyone. However, with the right team, the right attitude, the right gear and the willingness to persevere, it’s doable for many. 75-year-old Dave Grover and four partners took five bulls on their recent DIY adventure.

32 2021 Editors’ Choice Awards
by Hunt Alaska Staff
The sixth annual Hunt Alaska Editors’ Choice Awards showcase the best gear we tested in 2020/21. Categories for this year’s awards include Guns and Ammunition; Optics; Packs and Cases; Field Accessories; Knives, Cutting Tools and Sharpeners; Game Processing and Cooking; and Apparel.

42 2021 New Gear
by Hunt Alaska Staff
Now is the time to start gearing up for hunting season! Here’s a short list of some promising new items to consider taking to the field with you in 2021. Rest assured, we’ll be testing many of these ourselves this fall.

46 Grit in Hunters
by Larry Bartlett and Peggy Keiper
For remote hunting trips, grit is often what separates the successful from the unsuccessful. Some have it. Some, not so much. What is it, and how does it relate to hunter success? Larry Bartlett and Peggy Keiper tell us, along with things we can do to become more gritty.

52 Advanced Calling Techniques for Yukon-Alaskan Bull Moose
by Jesse Grady
Sometimes, calling from a stationary position is effective in coaxing bull moose to within shooting range. However, Jesse Grady’s advanced calling techniques provide food for thought for older bulls that aren’t so easy, and can also lead to better shots and easier packing for any bull you might shoot.

58 One-eyed Jack
by Casey Dinkel
Interior grizzlies have a reputation for being more unpredictable and ferocious than their coastal cousins. This particular bruin, guarding two moose kills, had the battle scars earned from a lifetime of fighting and surviving, and he nearly outsmarted the author and his two hunting partners. Nearly.


On the Cover: Gear for the moose hunt. © Marcus Weiner