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Alder Hell, Bear Heaven: Raspberry Island Elk
by Eric Hershey  30

Join us for this spectacular, though grueling, hunt for Raspberry Island’s Roosevelt elk, a hunt that requires hunters fully commit to the cause—both before and after an animal is down. 

The Forester, the Bear & the Hunter
by Bjorn Dihle  36

Bjorn Dihle presents a tale of tension and drama ripped straight from the rich history of Admiralty Island, where the brown bears have long held a certain mystique.

Black Magic
by Lon E. Lauber 42

Having put in all the work, having waited for days on end, it’s nothing less than magic when a trophy southeast Alaska black bear emerges from the undergrowth to present a bowhunter his shot. Live it all here with Lon Lauber, and then get out there and live it yourself. 

Adak Adventure
by Scott Haugen 48

Rich in history, remote in location, visit Adak Island
at the tip of the Aleutian Chain for a double dose of hunting success, as Scott Haugen and crew pursue ptarmigan and caribou.  

I Can: A Sheep Hunter’s Motto
by Billy Molls 56

The Brooks Range offers hunters an ultimate experience, and veteran guide Billy Molls has experienced more than most. Here he details a magnificent combo hunt for caribou and cagey sheep.

Fire-Starting Made Easier
by Jim McCann 62

When you need to warm up, dry off and get it done right away, put this trick from veteran outdoorsman Jim McCann to work.

12 Things You’re Not Taking on your Hunts, but Should
by John Whipple 64

No matter how dialed-in your field kit, consider adding some or all of these pieces of gear, all of which can help make your hunts more comfortable, safe and successful.

COVER / Hunt Alaska Contributing Editor Ryan Schmidt poses with a fine Sitka blacktail buck taken in 2017. © Ryan Schmidt.

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