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On The Cover

The northern lights illuminate the success of the moose hunt. © Gary English



Altitude Adjustment: Alpine Pursuit of Kodiak Mountain Goats by Clay A. Brown

Clay Brown and hunting partners Mario Cruz and Ben Moore flew to the south side of Kodiak Island with the goal of harvesting three mature billies. Lady Luck blessed them with three days of good weather, and they killed three goats. But as so often happens on Kodiak, a storm rolled in, effectively extending their trip for three more days before they could be flown out.



Monster Moose Under the Northern Lights by Gary English

Twenty years after his first successful Huslia River moose hunt, Gary English lucked out and drew the coveted Huslia River moose permit a second time. Improvising by using a huge shed antler he found, Gary brought in a 65-inch bull that made it into the Boone and Crockett records book.



Late-Season Sharptails and Early Season Ptarmigan by Jim McCann

Early October in the subalpine areas of interior Alaska often brews the perfect storm of weather and conditions, causing sharp-tailed grouse and rock ptarmigan to move into similar habitat at the same time. Jim and his dogs, Jake and Clyde, look for such opportunities every year.



The Mystery of the Dead Man’s Tent by John Whipple

On August 9, 2022, John Whipple, girlfriend Lindsey, and her father, Dan, set out on a Denali Highway caribou hunt. “There lay the mystery tent, now collapsed under the weight of the previous winter’s snow, which is why we had not noticed it before. Then he noticed that there was a very definite outline of something still in the tent…” The abandoned mystery tent from 2021 still remained, but did it contain remains?