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Fall 2020

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Gunwerks Long Range Experience
by Art Hoffart 34

As technology has improved over the years, hunters can now make shots on game at ranges that were once considered incredible. However, the right shooting system and training is necessary to pull it off. Art attended one of Gunwerks Long Range Experience events and learned firsthand how to do it. He shares his experience with the equipment and the training with you in this article.

Night Terrors
by John Whipple 40

Perhaps nothing could be more terrifying than close encounters with brown bears in the dark. Hearing them from inside your tent, breathing, investigating, walking mere feet away…Early in his brown bear hunting years, John picked a great hunting area, but not the most prudent spot in which to camp. There are lessons to be learned from this successful brown bear hunt.

Wolves, Bulls, and Big Tips
by Billy Molls 48

You never know what you might experience on a hunt in western Alaska. When calling moose, sometimes the hunters become the hunted. Billy Molls and clients Kurt and Trent Packingham were the fortunate witnesses of a pack of 14 wild wolves in action, plus they bagged a 61-inch bull.

Unimak Caribou
by Bob Lacher 56

Unimak Island, at the beginning of the Aleutian Islands chain, is a long way from anywhere, even from Anchorage. At roughly 750 miles from A-town, you’ll probably not see another person if you hunt there. Bob Lacher, Frank Ramsey, David Todd and Jim Bowles made the journey in pursuit of big bull caribou.

A Goat for Reid
by Bjorn Dihle 64
Northern southeast Alaska is the setting for this mountain goat hunt by the brothers Dihle. Bjorn recounts the details in humorous good cheer, despite the usually arduous effort necessary to pursue Oreamnos americanus.

COVER / Among the most coveted meat by Alaskans, moose range throughout most of the state. © Anthony Madden

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