Some jokingly refer to the mosquito as Alaska’s state bird. The size and ferocity of our state horde is notorious, annoying and, if you’ve happened to check out this infographic making the social media rounds, a little worrisome.

It’s true, some mosquitoes do carry diseases that can incapacitate or even kill you. But for the Alaska angler or hunter, the biggest concern about entering the backcountry without bug protection will be the probability of coming back out with a few dozen itchy bites. (Malaria, by far the deadliest of the mosquito-borne diseases, has no known existence in Alaska).

That’s no reason not to protect yourself from the little pests. One of our favorite ways at the magazine is ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent. In fact, we gave it a Retailer’s Choice Award back in 2011. These little units are quiet, portable, odor-free, and best of all, they work.