Check out all the great hunting articles our experts have written about their experiences over the years. They offer great insight and advice for the novice Alaskan hunter.

Alaska Bear Baiting

Bear baiting is a popular hunting method in Alaska, particularly for black bears. It's regulated and practiced by many hunters across the state, offering an effective strategy for Read More...

Alaska Bear Baiting2024-04-15T08:57:05-08:00

Alaska conservation: Alaska’s D-1 Lands

Alaska conservation initiatives advocate for safeguarding public lands that are essential habitats for fish and wildlife. My older brother whispered the yardage as a Dall sheep Read More...

Alaska conservation: Alaska’s D-1 Lands2024-02-01T12:38:25-08:00

Backpacking Meal Plan: 50-pound Pack

Story by Larry Bartlett By now, us backcountry hunters have dialed in our gear lists for this upcoming season. We use high-tech gear and eliminate redundancy from our Read More...

Backpacking Meal Plan: 50-pound Pack2023-07-03T13:19:55-08:00

Butchering a Wild Game Hind Quarter

Blog and photos by Marcus Weiner Cooking wild game that I have hunted is an interest of mine. Like fishing, gardening, foraging for mushrooms, crabbing, and clamming, I get Read More...

Butchering a Wild Game Hind Quarter2021-11-29T16:58:47-08:00

Field Butchering Tips and Tactics

Blog by Marcus Weiner Photos by Brian Woobank Butchering big game is a skill earned from experience and can be daunting to the new hunter. But it doesn’t need Read More...

Field Butchering Tips and Tactics2021-12-01T11:43:09-08:00

Moose Hunt in Icy Bay

Moose populations in Alaska are strong, with estimates of up to 200,000 moose roaming the Great Land. But since the state is extraordinarily large, there’s not a moose in every pond.

Moose Hunt in Icy Bay2021-02-19T11:10:28-08:00

Meat Processing: Preventing Spoilage in the Back Country

By understanding the three variables and their relation to each other, the expedition hunter will have the knowledge needed to bring home the highest quality meat yield.

Meat Processing: Preventing Spoilage in the Back Country2020-10-28T13:56:16-08:00

Raspberry Island Elk Hunt

The last pack out is usually the best. © Brian Watkins by Brian Watkins I’ve hunted goats while balancing on cliffed-out peaks in Alaska. I’ve spent 22 Read More...

Raspberry Island Elk Hunt2019-03-12T20:00:12-08:00

Muskox Redemption

Aaron with his muskox 2018. © Sam Hancock By Aaron Webber The three muskox bulls were getting anxious and it appeared that they were about to run Read More...

Muskox Redemption2021-02-10T09:57:21-08:00

Cold Bay Emperor Goose

© Hugh Clark Story & Photos by Hugh Clark President of Alaska Waterfowl Association in Anchorage. It was September in Alaska and waterfowl season was in full Read More...

Cold Bay Emperor Goose2018-06-29T20:17:24-08:00

Float Hunters’ Most Common Mistakes

by Larry Bartlett Waders: hippers vs. chest-high Dry bag selection Floating more and hunting less Check your ego at the counter (think water character not antlers) Bring more money! Read More...

Float Hunters’ Most Common Mistakes2021-02-10T09:56:06-08:00

Calorie Counts

Backcountry Hunting Blog by Larry Bartlett of Pristine Ventures Backcountry Hunting Health Study pinpoints caloric demands on arduous river hunts Dating back about 40k years ago, hunters Read More...

Calorie Counts2021-05-07T08:59:26-08:00
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