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One could easily spend months, even years perfecting the contents of their “Bug Out Bag” or survival pack to perfectly suit every situation that might arise when SHTF. To be honest, tweaking these contents over time is a lot of fun, especially if you’re a gear-oriented person. Staying on top of new product releases, testing out “tried and true” gear during a weekend hiking trip to see if it makes the cut, and gathering ideas from forums has can lead to many hours making sure that your go-to bag is perfectly aligned with your environment and the possible emergencies that could strike when that environment begins to break down around you. The way we see it, it’s always better to be prepared than not.

Then comes along Henry’s H002BSGB U.S. Survival Pack, and it makes us take a step back. There is perhaps no better, more complete survival pack kit on the market. It covers all of the bases right out of the bag with plenty of room to customize with that gear that you’ve found and just can’t live without.

Let’s take a look at the contents.

Survival pack contents

Henry Repeating Arms Survival Pack contents

  1. Henry U.S. Survival AR-7: This rifle probably needs no introduction. While the AR-7 has been around since the 1950s, it’s a platform that wasn’t truly perfected until Henry got their hands on it. With several improvements to the internal mechanisms and the magazines, this rifle is now reliable and “minute of squirrel” accurate. Its ability to break down and fit inside its own stock means that it’s a perfect fit for this kit. Grab a few spare magazines (available separately), stuff them with some high-velocity .22 LR, stash those away in the stock with one in the receiver, and easily carry some spare ammo and magazines in the carrying case, just in case.
  2. Paracord: Mil-C-504H Type III in Camo Green, to be specific. 100 feet of it. The uses for good paracord in a survival pack are almost endless. There are literally entire books devoted to how many uses there are for paracord. Use the inner strands for suturing if things get real nasty, create a trip wire alarm when bedding down for the night when you don’t know what’s out there, use it for fishing line, tie down a basic shelter, and it goes on and on! A little bit really can go a long way.
  3. Tourniquet: A black SWAT-T rubber tourniquet is also included. When direct, targeted pressure fails to stop the bleeding then a tourniquet might be the only hope. We would highly recommend checking out some YouTube videos from trained professionals so that you’re at least acquainted with how this bit of kit works should the need arise, and we certainly hope it never will.
  4. Space Blanket: This thin mylar sheet is another one of those additions to this kit that has way more applications if you get creative. Regulating body temperature and preventing heat loss is critical to survival, and this will do that, but out of this entire kit (with the exception of maybe the fire steel), it could also be your best way of getting rescued. Use that paracord to tie the sheet between some trees and let the wind and sun reflect flicker into the sky for helicopters and planes flying over. You could also use it to catch rain and funnel it into a drinking container. If you’re lucky enough to have spare clothes, wrap them in the space blanket to keep them dry in your pack if the weather turns. Again, this is another one of those “tried and true” items that probably has entire books dedicated to its usefulness in a survival situation.
  5. Fire Steel: Made by ESEE, this fire steel practically ensures that you’re always able to make a fire, especially if you add a few more items to your U.S. Survival Pack. It creates a spark from Ferrocerium Rods or True Flint, and the divot in the middle acts as a socket for a bow drill. Got a stick laying around? Use some of your paracord and this fire steel with some good, dry tinder and you’re in business. The necessity of fire in a survival situation is pretty obvious, so we try to make sure we have at least one way of making it whenever I leave civilization.
  6. Water Filtration: It’s incredible how small and effective water filtration has gotten. The Aquamira Frontier Water Filtration Straw that’s included in our kit is no exception. It’s capable of filtering over 110 liters before needing to be replaced, which can be done for under $15. The filter can eliminate parasites and contaminants down to a micron level. There’s no doubt that this is much safer than sipping directly from running water, but if possible, it’s always best to boil the water before consumption.
  7. Food Bars: We haven’t been able to try these out yet, but if we’re ever in a survival situation and not having any luck with fishing or catching small game, we would be very glad to have these before needing to resort to digging for grubs and worms to eat. The shelf life is at least 5 years, so this really is something great to have in the survival pack and just forget that it’s even there. They’re supposed to be pretty neutral tasting, but they’re packed with calories that could provide enough energy to get other tasks done like catching a tastier meal.
  8. Knife: Now, we’re big fans of always carrying a knife. Always. Some are pretty, some are big, meaty affairs that could be used as a makeshift ax, and some are small pocket knives that are primarily relegated to box opening duty. The Buck Rival folding knife that’s included here is a sleek, everyday type of knife that ticks a whole lot of boxes without blowing up the price of the overall kit. It’s sharp, it’s corrosion resistant, and it deploys quickly. No, it’s not a $300 folder, but it gets the job done just as well.
  9. Bag: All of this survival pack kit is contained very nicely inside a slick, double-pocketed carrying case made specifically for us by Allen. It’s not packed to the gills either, so there’s plenty of room to add some of your own personal touches. Like toilet paper.

Videos to check out on the Henry U.S. Survival Pack

In conclusion

We think you can agree that this survival pack is very well assembled for a turn-key solution right out of the bag. If you don’t have a Bug Out Bag at all, grab one of these. Then spend the same countless hours that we have perfecting it to make it your own knowing that at the core of your Bug Out Bag lies quality, American made products that will have your back when called upon.

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