Best Guns & Ammo for Hunting in Alaska in 2017

Black Hills Ammunition Black Hills Gold .308 Win Match 155 Grain Tipped Match KingBlack-Hills-Ammo-308-WinMatch-155gr-Tipped-MK-4.jpg
Black Hills Ammunition released this bullet last year, and it is a nice compliment to the 168- and 175-grain bullets in this series. The 155-grain round has a high ballistic coefficient and muzzle velocity, and we found that the bullet shoots flat and has solid knockdown power. We recommend this bullet for caribou, deer, mountain goat and Dall sheep.

Wild West Guns Alaskan Co-PilotWild-West-Co-Pilot-Take-Down-16-1-e1454344122506.jpg
The Wild West Guns Alaskan Co-Pilot begins with a factory-made Marlin 1895, which is disassembled and then converted into this fast-handling, takedown lever-action rifle. The barrel is cut and ported to reduce recoil, and the action is modified to allow the use of the .457 Wild West Magnum, while still allowing use of standard .45-70 loads, or it is set up for the .50 Alaskan. Our field-testers state this is the rifle to have along with you for magnum bear-protection.

Remington Model 783Remington85860_61_62_63_64_Model783_Camo_Right.jpg
Offering custom-grade accuracy to every hunter, the Remington Model 783 bolt-action rifle is available with a new black synthetic stock that contains a high nylon-fiber content, promoting superior strength and rigidity, while a precision button-rifled barrel helps deliver tight groups. With customary Remington quality construction and reliability, our field-testers are sure this will be a rifle that lasts.

Savage 11/11 DOA Hunter XPSavageDOA_Hunter_XP.jpg
Introduced in early 2017 the new Savage 11/111 DOA Hunter takes Savage’s excellent 11/111 rifle and pairs it with a factory-installed and bore-sighted Bushnell Trophy DOA 3-9×40 scope mounted with Weaver Grand Slam rings. Because of this, the rifle is ready to shoot right out of the box, making it a perfect choice for a newer hunter or anyone looking for a rifle that’s ready to go immediately. Offered in 15 calibers from .243 Win to 338 Win. Mag.

Weatherby Vanguard CamillaWeatherbyVanguardCamilla.jpg
A rifle designed by women, for women! It fits women well, which means comfort, and comfort means confidence, which boosts accuracy. Associate Editor Scott Haugen’s wife loved this rifle the first time she shot it and it is really classy and beautiful.

Weatherby Mark V Ultra LightweightWeatherbyMarkVUltralightweight.jpg
Chambered in a .270 Weatherby Magnum, this is the most accurate shooting rifle Associate Editor Scott Haugen has ever had right out of the box. It’s high-design, teamed with Weatherby custom ammo, makes it a great gun in Alaska from animals ranging from deer to moose, black bears to mountain goats.

Hevi-Shot Hevi-SteelHevi-Shot.jpg
We tested the 12-gauge, 3-inch, size 2 cartridge on waterfowl last fall and were impressed. The all-steel shot, leaving the shotgun at 1,550 fps, knocked down birds straightaway. Hevi-Steel is available in 10-, 12-, 20- and 28-gauge rounds in several lengths.

Winchester Ammunition Ballistic Silvertip .300 Win MagWinchester-Ammunition-Ballistic-Silvertip-.300-Win-Mag.jpg
We’ve used this bullet to take down multiple big-game species in Alaska over the last decade. The bullet offers delayed expansion, and it works well to penetrate the thick hides, muscle and bone of bear, moose, caribou and deer. It features a polymer tip, alloyed lead core, contoured jacket and Lubalox coating. With a muzzle velocity of 2,950 fps and an energy of 3,479 foot-pounds, this bullet packs a solid punch.