FGS Customs M1 Guide Gun
FGS Customs M1 Guide Gun utilizes the battle-proven M1 Garand receiver to give the hunter or guide a reliable and accurate firearm that is perfect for the Alaskan bush. The M1 Guide is offered in hard-hitting calibers such as .338 Federal, .450 Bushmaster, .35 Whelen, 9.3x62mm Mauser as well as traditional .30-06 and .308, with an 18-inch barrel. Other options include hydrodipped stock (seen here), Red Dot mount or Picatinny scope base. FGS Customs also offers their clients a full line of custom bolt-action rifles utilizing the action of your choice.

Otis MC-10 Full Auto Precision Applicator Brush
Now you can get precise, smooth application to your slides, slide rails, bolt/bolt carrier, actions and other metal-on-metal contact points with the MC-10 Full Auto Precision Applicator Brush. MC-10 is a high-performance synthetic firearm lubricant that will not freeze, burn, or carbonize in extreme temperatures. Simply click the yellow precision push button for ultimate control and apply to high-friction areas for the ultimate protection. The product includes 3 ml of MC-10 in a precision applicator pen brush. MC-10 is an odor-free lubricant that delivers extreme protection from -65 to 650 degrees; is safe for all surfaces, including metals, plastics, rubbers and woods; has an applicator for quick and even application and features treated molecules that hold to metal.

Black Hills Ammunition 6.5 Creedmoor ELD Loads
The 6.5 Creedmoor is a superb light-recoiling long-range cartridge. It was designed to employ the highest ballistic coefficient projectiles available in 6.5 caliber. Black Hills makes use of those new projectiles in the form of the 143- and 147-grain ELD (Extreme Low Drag) bullets from Hornady. Their ammunition tests with these bullets loaded in Black Hills Ammunition showed them to be capable of consistent one-half MOA from a factory-stock Ruger Precision Rifle. Not only are the external ballistics and accuracy superb, the performance on game is impressive.

Nikon Monarch 3000 Stabilized Laser Rangefinder
Nikon just changed the laser rangefinder game with the introduction of its new Monarch 3000 Stabilized Laser Rangefinder. This incredibly small, lightweight unit is feature packed with Nikon’s award-winning optical image stabilization technology, crisp new red OLED display and 3,000 yard fast-ranging capability. It will most certainly redefine the expectations of hunters and shooters in 2018 and beyond. The optical stabilization system reduces viewfinder vibrations by approximately 80%, while simultaneously aligning the viewed image with the laser. This function begins immediately when the unit is powered-up and assures faster, more successful “first-shot” measurements. Monarch 3000 Stabilized has a maximum measurement distance of 3,000 yards on reflective targets and displays distances in .1-yard increments. An all-new, variable-intensity, crisp red OLED reticle display provides either automatic or five selectable brightness levels for maximum contrast against most targets and backgrounds. The rangefinder’s 6x monocular features bright, fully-multicoated optics, user-friendly 18mm eye relief and a wide 7.5° field of view for fast target acquisition. Nikon’s Hyper Read technology displays all measurements in approximately 0.3 seconds—regardless of the distance. By holding down the power button, the user can continuously measure across multiple targets for eight seconds. The Monarch 3000 Stabilized integrates Nikon’s ID (incline/decline) Technology to take the angle out of your shooting equation—up to an incredible +/- 89 degrees. It also offers the ability to switch between First Target Priority Mode (reading of the closest target) or Distant Target Priority Mode (provides range to the furthest target through clutter, branches, etc.).

Alaska Game Bags Gun Sock
Alaska Game Bags makes various models of gun socks from synthetic material that fit a handgun, shotgun and rifle. They are light, yet tough, and offer protection for your valuable firearm. The handgun version is 14 inches long, while the rifle model is 50 inches and the shotgun model is 60 inches. We recommend using one on your firearm in your gun case when traveling and then you can use it in the field to keep dirt and moisture off of your firearm. It fits most guns with- and without scopes and features a drawstring closure.

QLH Chest Holster
The QLH Chest Holster is designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind. The built-in elastic band provides the user unsurpassed comfort without sacrificing the reassurance of a secure fit and tight draw. This chest carry system is great for fishermen, hunters, hikers, cyclists, and outdoorsmen in general. The chest sling is made with 2-inch military-grade nylon webbing and the holster is 100% Kydex. It is completely water-submersible and scratch-resistant. The QLH Chest Holster is also designed with the gun enthusiast in mind and is modular in design. The holster can be detached from the chest harness, so that a different holster for a different firearm can be installed. The chest sling itself is also compatible with the QLH Commander and QLH Defender series of holsters so that the user can go from chest-carry to hip-carry if desired. It is supported by a lifetime warranty, is available for many hand guns in several color options with both left- and right-hand-draw models.

Otis Metal Defense Bore Stick
Protect your guns from rust and corrosion with the quick and easy Metal Defense Bore Stick. Composed of VCI, a corrosion inhibitor, the Bore Stick is inserted into the barrel of the gun for set-it-and-forget-it protection. The Bore Stick will slowly emit molecules that create a protective barrier on the metal surface. The Bore Stick features a plug to cap the muzzle and with the firearm action closed, creates a sealed chamber for maximum effectiveness. Each Metal Defense Bore Stick will last two years. You can track elapsed time by writing the date on the plug. Available in rifle, shotgun and pistol lengths, place one in each firearm to ensure when the season opens, your gun will be ready.

Skinner Sights TRAPPER and BEAR BUSTER Sights

skinner sights

Skinner Sights introduces their new Skinner TRAPPER rear aperture sight for the Marlin .336/1895 (including Marlin guide guns) and Henry .45-70/.30-30 rifles. While fully elevation- and windage adjustable, the Skinner TRAPPER rear sight is sleek, rugged, and accurate affording an improved sighting system for your rifle. For use with the TRAPPER, Skinner Sights also introduces their new BEAR BUSTER front sight. The BEAR BUSTER is available in blue steel and blue with a white face. Both sights are machined from solid steel or stainless-steel barstock and are virtually unbreakable and covered by Skinner Sights’ lifetime guarantee.

Vortex Optics Viper HD Spotting Scope Series
Packed with features and incredible optical performance hunters and shooters are sure to appreciate, these spotters bring far-off subjects in for a closer look—and do so with impressive clarity, resolution and color fidelity. The HD optical system coupled with lenses fully multi-coated with XR coatings, delivers stunning image quality and low-light performance. Exterior lenses are protected by ArmorTek—an ultra-hard, scratch-resistant fluorine compound that repels oil, dirt and the corrosive salts of fingerprints. The ultra-smooth, fluid, and sleek helical-style focus dials-in your image for ultra-sharp viewing, as well as keeps the spotter’s profile trim for ultimate packability. A utilitarian feature, the large surface area of the helical focus is easy to find and operate, even when wearing gloves. The twist-up eyecup on the included eyepiece ensures customized eye-relief for the viewer. An adjustable collar allows the spotter to rotate for comfortable, versatile, multi-angle viewing. Rubber armoring protects the spotter from impacts and delivers unfaltering in-the-field durability. 100% waterproof, fogproof (purged with argon gas), dustproof and shockproof construction, backed by a lifetime warranty and available in the following configurations: 20-60×85 Angled, 15-45×65 Angled, 20-60×85 Straight and 15-45×65 Straight.

Skinner Sights Express Scope Mount with Integral Peep Sight
This scope mount allows for quick detachment of your scope so you can use the rifle with the integrated Peep sight. It is available for the Marlin and Henry large-frame lever-action rifles and accepts Talley and Warne 7.3 rings. It is machined from solid barstock and is available in Blued Steel, Stainless Steel and Skinner Sight’s “Black Gold.” It is windage and elevation adjustable, and it comes with a standard .096-inch aperture, as well as screws and mounting wrenches.

Sightmark Core HX 3-12×56 HDR Hunter Dot Riflescope
Designed to tackle a range of the obstacles faced by the modern rifle hunter, this scope has been crafted to offer versatility and to excel in low-light conditions. The 3-12 magnification riflescope is equipped with a 56mm objective lens for enhanced low-light performance and a dot duplex reticle for precision shot placement. This scope has the magnification range and objective lens to allow an Alaskan hunter to zoom in on animals at far-off distances. This reliable optic was crafted to accompany a variety of hunting rifle calibers and is constructed from a single piece of durable aircraft-grade aluminum to withstand the most punishing conditions and is shockproof, fogproof, and waterproof.

Nightforce NX8 1-8 x 24 F1
What do you do when hunting in country where you might encounter an angry bear or moose mere yards away, yet you need a high-power riflescope for potential long shots? Consider the new Nightforce NX8 1-8 x 24 F1, just 8.75 inches in length and 17 ounces in weight. Its remarkable 8:1 zoom ratio means that now one scope can provide the same wide field of view as open sights at 1x, and plenty of magnification at 8x for long shots.

Man Gear Alaska
www.mangearalaska.comman gear alaska
Man Gear Alaska is proud to produce Made-in-America products, and their line is continuing to expand. One of their patented-design products is the Gen2-MTU-MOS holster, with the capability to carry a handgun with a small RMR style optic, or reflex sight. These holsters are manufactured so that the handgun can be carried with or without the optic. The Gen2-MTU-MOS line of holsters can now be purchased in three colors: black, coyote brown and universal digital camouflage. Their two-mag pouch option was specifically designed for the Glock Model 40 MOS with the 6-inch-long slide, but it also works just as well with most other shorter barrel, full-service auto-sized handguns.

Sightmark Wolverine LQD
www.sightmark.comSightmark wolverine
The new Wolverine LQD is the much-anticipated locking, quick-detach addition to the Wolverine family, already known for their durability and longer-than-your-life-span. With up to one million hours of battery life, Wolverines are ideal for hunting and tactical training and perform well in tough conditions. With the new locking quick-detach functionality, the Wolverine LQD ranks high in user-friendly consumer red dots.

Hi-Point Home Security Pack
www.hi-pointfirearms.comHi-Point firearms

Start with a Hi-Point handgun and secure it in Hi-Point’s heavy-duty, edge-overlapping pry-resistant powder-coated 11.5 x 8.5 x 1.5-inch, 18-gauge steel box with half-inch memory foam liner and matching numbered keys. Together, Hi-Point’s handgun and lockbox become the Hi-Point Home Security Pack, an effective and affordable combination of reliability and safety. It comes with pre-drilled mounting holes for permanent surface attachment and meets TSA airline unloaded-firearm transportation guidelines. Handgun options include .380ACP, 9mm, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP, and the kit also comes with one magazine and one trigger lock.

Black Hills Gold Lineup
At Black Hills Ammunition, they choose the best components available from industry friends – bullet cases, powder and primers – and carefully craft them into high-performing ammunition. When Hornady discovered ways to make already excellent bullets better, Black Hills wanted to utilize that new technology. Using new ELD-M (Extreme Low Drag-March) and ELD-X (Extreme Low Drag – Expanding) bullets, they upgraded their gold rifle lineup. The result is flatter and more effective shooting at longer ranges. From .260 Remington to .338 Lapua, you now have a myriad of choices with increased performance.

Vortex Optics Razor HD LH Riflescopes
Top-tier glass and precision machining in an ultra-sleek, lightweight package define the Razor HD LH. High Density (HD) extra-low dispersion glass, an APO apochromatic lens system, XR Plus premium fully multi-coated lenses and ArmorTek on exterior lenses deliver stunning image quality. Tack-sharp resolution from edge to edge, coupled with its ultra-forgiving eyebox, serves up an impressive sight picture. The new HSR-4 BDC and G4-BDC reticles are super clean, yet highly versatile, for optimal target acquisition and pinpoint accuracy. The body of the scope features a one-inch tube diameter and is machined from a single solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum. O-ring seals prevent moisture, dust and debris from penetrating the riflescope for reliable performance. Argon gas purging prevents internal fogging over a wide range of temperatures. Scopes are available in 1.5-8×32, 2-10×40 and 3-15×42.

Sightmark Core HX 3-9×40 VHR Venison Hunter Riflescope
www.sightmark.comSightmark core hx
The Sightmark Core HX 3-9×40 VHR Venison Hunter Riflescope has been crafted to offer versatility in the field. With a 3-9 magnification and a 40mm objective lens, this reliable optic is well-suited for a broad range of species and shot scenarios in Alaska and allows hunters to confidently prepare for the season ahead by providing a range-finding BDC reticle that works with a variety of calibers. The 3-9×40 VHR is constructed from a single piece of durable aircraft-grade aluminum to withstand the most punishing conditions and is shockproof, fog-proof and waterproof.

Otis Technology Long Term Protectant
When storing your firearms for an extended period of time, protect them from the harsh effects of moisture and humidity with Otis Long Term Protectant. This product uses water displacement and leaves a thin waxy film to protect against corrosion, oxidation and rust for long-lasting protection. It protects firearms for up to 12 months if used indoors, which makes it a great solution for end-of-season storage and it is available in a 4-ounce aerosol can.


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