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The Science Behind
the Moose Rut
by Vic Van Ballenberghe  36

After conducting a 37-year study of moose rutting behavior in Denali National Park, Vic Van Ballenberghe lays out all the science Alaska hunters need to know for timing the rut. 

The Caribou of the Brooks Range
by Bjorn Dihle  44

The Brooks Range took a hold over author Bjorn Dihle many years ago, and over the years he has returned numerous times to hunt caribou. Here is why.

Floating through the Wilderness
by Lon E. Lauber 52

After decades of experience floating through the Alaska wilderness in search of moose and caribou, Contributing Editor Lon E. Lauber has seen a lot, which he shares through the images gathered in this beautiful photo essay. 

4th Time’s the Charm
by Glen Rutten 58

After 16 years, four trips to Alaska and more than 40 days of hunting, Glen Rutten finally achieved his dream of taking a trophy moose in the Mulchatna River valley. Read all about his adventure before heading out on your own fall hunt this year.  

Back to the Basics
by Billy Molls 66

Alaska hunting guide and author Billy Molls has guided clients to a lot of trophy animals, but each hunt, and each client, is totally unique. On this adventure, he went back to the basics in order to find the perfect moose.

Kodiak Goats
by Ryan Schmidt 74

Having found success in Kodiak goat country, Ryan Schmidt explains that with increased access and availability across the island, as well as more trophy goats being taken, everything points toward now being a great time to give Kodiak mountain goats a look.

How-to Sharpen Knives, Axes & Hatchets
by Jim Dickson 80

An experienced blacksmith, Jim Dickson here lays out all of the tricks of the trade you need to know in order to put a fine edge on your knives, axes and hatchets before heading into the field this fall.

COVER / Carrie Ann Mueller and the incredible billy she took off the mountain. Carrie Ann’s attention to detail and her ability to climb a mountain to reach her goal is amazing. Two goats in two years is an astounding feat for anyone, but not for this lifelong Alaskan hunter. © Carrie Ann Mueller/Paul Atkins