How Close it Too Close? 44

Author Bob Robb talks about the increased pucker factor when hunting Alaska’s big brown bruins.

Caribou. . . Again 52

Paul D. Atkins shares his memorable experiences hunting caribou in Alaska’s Far North tundra. 

When We Were Kings 60

E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. reflects on one of the most memorable hunts of his lifetime.

Cold Weather Goats 68

Tony Russ searches for a billy goat to fill an awaiting trophy mount on the wall.

Sitka Blacktail Deer:A Complete Guide 76

Contributing Editor Lon Lauber explores aspects of hunting for Sitka blacktail deer in Alaska.

Calling Moose 88

Associate Editor Scott Haugen provides us with valuable moose calling information.


The Opener  6

Editor’s Tracks  8

Hunting for a Compliment 12

Gear Shop 16

Guns, Ammo & Ballistics 24

Haugen’s Technical Talk 28

Thomas’ Wing Shooting 32

After the Shot 38

Hunt Alaska Recipe 102

Advertiser Index 106

Last Shot 114


Scott Thompson Painting  104

A look at our First Annual Hunt Alaska magazine Special Edition Print by Alaskan Artist Scott Thompson.