Bear Hunting with Crazy Feet

It all started innocently enough. Three friends exploring the island for fish and game. Crazy Feet held two black bear tags, while Mac was focused on the Prince of Read More...

Bear Hunting with Crazy Feet2017-10-14T18:14:02-08:00

On Point: Predator Control

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) recently concluded the second season of intensive predator control in a 534-square-mile area of Game Management Unit 19A. The program in Read More...

On Point: Predator Control2017-10-14T18:34:31-08:00

Moose Hunt

I sat down to begin glassing a large muskeg bog. Through my ten-power binoculars I studied a big, black shadow between two spruce trees. For a brief instant I Read More...

Moose Hunt2021-02-17T09:56:15-08:00

Moose in the Far North

I’ve lived in Anaktuvuk Pass, AK, for 12 years and believe me, I have seen a lot. Anaktuvuk means  “caribou droppings” in the Native tongue. Clearly, there are a Read More...

Moose in the Far North2021-02-15T10:11:42-08:00

Musk Ox for Dinner

Why do many people enjoy eating exotic wild game? In today’s world of mass-produced food, where many domestic meats have little flavor but contain a variety of chemicals and Read More...

Musk Ox for Dinner2021-02-15T10:13:31-08:00

Trophy Rooms: The Kedrowski Man Cave

Owners: Jim and Lori Kedrowski It might be commonly referred to as a “Man Cave,” but it’s definitely a family affair when the husband guides for Alaska Dall sheep, Read More...

Trophy Rooms: The Kedrowski Man Cave2021-02-15T10:14:05-08:00


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