On Point: Predator Control

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) recently concluded the second season of intensive predator control in a 534-square-mile area of Game Management Unit 19A. The program in Read More...

On Point: Predator Control2017-10-14T18:34:31-08:00

Moose Hunt

I sat down to begin glassing a large muskeg bog. Through my ten-power binoculars I studied a big, black shadow between two spruce trees. For a brief instant I Read More...

Moose Hunt2021-02-17T09:56:15-08:00

Moose in the Far North

I’ve lived in Anaktuvuk Pass, AK, for 12 years and believe me, I have seen a lot. Anaktuvuk means  “caribou droppings” in the Native tongue. Clearly, there are a Read More...

Moose in the Far North2021-02-15T10:11:42-08:00

Musk Ox for Dinner

Why do many people enjoy eating exotic wild game? In today’s world of mass-produced food, where many domestic meats have little flavor but contain a variety of chemicals and Read More...

Musk Ox for Dinner2021-02-15T10:13:31-08:00

Trophy Rooms: The Kedrowski Man Cave

Owners: Jim and Lori Kedrowski It might be commonly referred to as a “Man Cave,” but it’s definitely a family affair when the husband guides for Alaska Dall sheep, Read More...

Trophy Rooms: The Kedrowski Man Cave2021-02-15T10:14:05-08:00


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