Owners: Jim and Lori Kedrowski

It might be commonly referred to as a “Man Cave,” but it’s definitely a family affair when the husband guides for Alaska Dall sheep, brown bear and moose on horseback for 60 days a year and the wife is a horse wrangler and caretaker for the horses 365 days a year. The Kedrowski Man Cave is home to trophies hunted by both Jim and Lori on several continents that many hunters dream of hunting, such as Africa, Australia, North America, Europe and Asia. The trophies include a life-sized nyala shot by Lori in South Africa and a Marco Polo ram shot by Jim in Tajikistan.

The Man Cave has a wall for animals taken in North America, a wall for the African continent and an Eastern Hemisphere wall. The Man Cave is larger than the square-footage of the rest of the house combined, and it holds a range of trophies, including Cape buffalo, eland, elk and moose; red stag, Himalayan tahr, gemsbok, water buffalo, hippos and Dall sheep; walrus, mule deer, whitetail, mountain goat, black bear, mountain lion, kudu, zebra, impala, musk ox, wildebeest and other assorted animals and fish from all over the world. The Man Cave is also a venue for watching NBA basketball, hunting programs, fishing shows and of course the Super Bowl, though storytelling may be the primary pastime.

Jim owns and operates a taxidermy business and has mounted all the animals in the Man Cave. The lighting, gas fireplace and heat are all designed to properly care for the trophies and the fridge is always stocked with water, soda and beer. The couches and chairs are comfortable, the grilled bratwursts are juicy and the stories are long, stretched, twisted and memorable. Three cheers for Jim and Lori’s Man Cave.


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