Smokehouse Wild Game Breakfast Sausage Mix
We like both the classic and zesty. The spice packet imparts a good flavor to the sausage, as attested to by the four Weiner boys. The zesty version is a little spicy. It’s easy to make: Grind your meat, add the spice mixture, mix with a cup of cold water and refrigerate for 12 hours. We sprinkled the spice packet onto the meat before grinding and that allowed us to evenly disperse the spice into the sausage. We use an 80/20 mix of moose (or deer) and pork (Boston butt).
Summit Spice and Tea Rainy Pass Rosemary
Summit Spice and Tea in Anchorage is a great store. In addition to their flavored teas our foodie editors love to cook their hard-earned and well-cared for fish and game and appreciate the high level of quality in the spices they offer. Rainy Pass Rosemary has long been a favorite at the magazine and we want to give it an ECA in 2018 to remind people of this incredible blend of dried rosemary, sea salt and other goodness that pairs great with game meat. It certainly isn’t the only house blended spice you need from Summit Spice and Tea, but it should definitely make it into the basket.
Bradley Smoker Smart Smoker
We’ve been impressed with every Bradley Smoker that we’ve tested and that’s the case with the Smart Smoker. We used the smart phone app to control the smoker and that was both cool and useful. The smoker allows you to really dial in temperature control, resulting in perfectly smoked game. Bradley makes multiple flavors of wood discs. We recommend trying the variety pack which includes apple, alder, hickory, maple and mesquite.
CanCooker Original
This product is basically a little pressure cooker, and you can use it to cook game meat and it will come out tender. It makes great stews, and you can cook potatoes or rice along with your protein. You just need to know what ratio of liquid-to-food you need and add the appropriate amount of liquid. Our tester found the burner to be a bit flimsy, but it does pair well with the cooker and allows for varied temperatures. It can also be used on barbecues, stoves and open fires and we recommend purchasing their separate rack.
FireDisc Cookers
We find this to be a great, portable propane cooking device for basecamp. When space and weight isn’t too much of an issue the FireDisc is awesome for preparing a one-pot dish for a group. We chose the 36-inch counter-height stand and really like that but you could also choose the 24-inch option. At this time ordering online for Alaska is the only option and you’ll have to pay shipping, but if you are in the Lower 48 they are available at retail locations. See their website for details.