Frontiersman Bear Spray with Practice Canister
We appreciate how this product allows us to practice using inert spray with the same canister, deployment style and firing mechanism as pepper spray so that users understand how to deploy the spray when needed. It behooves every outdoorsman that carries bear spray to understand and practice how to use it so that you are ready to defend yourself if the need ever arises.
 Scotty No. 835 Sea-Light with Suction Cup Mount
This is a useful tool that’s portable so can be used in a variety of settings. It combines a suction cup with an ACR C-Light which is a 20-lumen waterproof LED. Use it while boating to the duck blind at dawn and dusk, when camping, as a portable light for odd jobs or work in low-light situations. You get 30 hours of light on two AA batteries.
 Garmin inReach Explorer+
This was a very useful tool for us in the field in 2017. We used it to send text messages from several places throughout Alaska and the texts were always received. We were also able to receive texts, even in spots where others had spotty sat phone reception. The unit sends a location to the person you text so they can get an idea of where you are located. In an emergency situation offshore, you can trigger an interactive SOS to GEOS, which is a 24/7 global monitoring center, and maintain communication to know that help is on the way.
 Alaska Gun Sock
The gun sock is handy and made of durable material. They are easy to slide on and off as needed, when not carrying a hard case. These socks are handy for protecting a rifle while at base camp. They provide protection for both the stock and scope of a rifle, and would work equally well for a pistol or shotgun.
 SureCan 5 Gallon Gas Can
This is one well-designed, self-venting gas can and a sure improvement to the ones we have been using. No more pouring the gas from the can into a funnel stuck into the receiving tank or trying to go can to tank with no funnel at all and spilling gas. Either way, it’s clumsy and gas is usually spilled. This can has a flexible rotating spout located near the bottom of the can along with a trigger and locking system, so that you rotate the spout down, put it into the receiving vessel, unlock the can and gas easily moves from can to tank without any spilling. It’s rugged and built to last.
 COAST Polysteel 600R LED Rechargeable Flashlight
This burly LED flashlight is super-bright, tough and versatile. It had three modes: low, medium and high. It can run on the rechargeable lithium ion battery that comes with the unit and also can run on four AA alkaline batteries. Expect about six hours of run time on high with the lithium battery and about two hours on AAs.
 Browning Neoprene Big Game Sling
This neoprene sling is comfortable to wear. It features a neoprene pad, rubberized pad backing, thumb loop and includes swivels to attach to your rifle. It is adjustable from 25- to 50 inches and weighs only 3.2 ounces. It is available in black and Realtree Xtra.
 Aurora Fire Starter 2SA
This is a great product to carry in the field or in the car in case of emergency. Our tester loved that this product made it possible to start a good blaze in about five minutes. He suggests adding a length of cord to the lanyard hole in this product. The tester appreciated the small, closed-in case, which kept it dry and ready for use. It provides hot sparks easily; no need to carry matches that get wet. Just pack some fire starting material or find good, dry tinder.
 Alaska Survival Bracelet
The Alaska Survival Bracelet has everything you need to start a fire and signal—and all of it contained in a bracelet. It is made with a durable, military-spec 550 paracord and embedded with a high-quality, military-grade fire-steel, ceramic knife/scraper, Mylar signal mirror, and a waxed jute tinder that is waterproof. Our staff keeps these on their wrists during snowmachining, 4-wheeling, flying, camping, hunting and fishing expeditions.
 QLH Chest Holster
The Quick Lock Chest Holster is an ultra-light and durable chest holster. Our tester used it with his Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan .454 Casull. With the initial testing the retention was very tight and the draw was difficult. Upon contacting Quick Lock Holsters, he was contacted immediately and walked through a simple process to adjust the tension. Once completed and adjusted to the draw tension he wanted, the holster functioned flawlessly. Lightweight and compact, it is designed perfectly for packing out into the bush where weight and space come at a premium. All testing was performed in cold weather (down to -25 F), worn over clothing as well as concealed under a jacket. The chest design provides quick access to your pistol while wearing a pack or working a fishing rod; a must-have when hunting and fishing in bear country.
 Cotton Carrier CCS G3 Camera Harness
Contributing Photographer Brian Woobank tested out this harness on our 2017 moose hunt and conveyed that it was very useful. It secured one of his DSLR cameras with a long lens so he had hands available to do other things. He also said that the harness was effective at distributing the weight of the camera as compared to just the camera strap.
 Roving Blue O-Pen Tactical Black
The Roving Blue O-Pen Tactical Black is a pen-sized, battery-powered, water purification system. The pen creates ozone gas which purifies water. It can purify about 16 ounces in a minute and bubbles while in use. It is approved by the FDA and the USDA for use in drinking water. Ozone is more powerful than chlorine and is highly effective against bacteria, viruses, giardia, cryptosporidium, typhoid fever, coliform, dysentery, cholera, infectious jaundice, hepatitis, influenza virus, e-coli, enteric and many other dangerous microorganisms. The pen only weighs 1.2 ounces and can purify about 15 quarts of water before needing a recharge; it sports a rechargeable battery and connects to power through the included USB cable. This is a very handy tool to take with you wherever you travel.
 Weego Jump Starter 22
The Weego 22 is incredibly compact and full of power. This little device is able to jump-start boats, RVs, ATVs, snow machines and most cars and trucks on the road today. Our testers reported extreme reliability—which is exactly what you want when the battery in your buddy’s RV is found dead when packing up to head home after weeks in the woods.