Best Archery Gear for Hunting
in Alaska in 2016

Mathews Halon BowMathews_Halon_6_2016_large.jpg
Contributing Editor Lon Lauber is currently using the Mathews Halon bow. It’s super fast, really quiet, has almost no hand shock and is really solid at full draw. It has both speed and accuracy, which don’t always go hand-in-hand. The Halon is incredibly quiet and has basically no vibration when shooting. It’s everything a serious bowhunter wants in a compound bow.

Scott Little Bitty Goose Single Caliber Mechanical Release AirScott_Little_Bitty_Goose_Single_Caliper_Mechanical_Release_Air.jpg
We asked Lon which release he uses and he told us, “I use the Scott, Little Bitty Goose single-caliper mechanical release aid. It is super simple, has imperceptible trigger travel and just never fails. The nylon strap connecter reduces hand torque and allows precise length adjustment, providing a custom fit for increased accuracy. I’ve kept an extra release aid in my hunting pack for years but never had a mechanical failure nor have I ever lost one. So the Little Bitty Goose is a really smart choice for the serious bowhunter that wants to keep it simple.”

Easton Carbon Deep Six Injexion ArrowEaston-Carbon-Deep-Six-Injexion-Arrow.png
Contributing Editor Lon Lauber, our resident archery expert, has this to say, “For many years now, I’ve been shooting the Easton Injexion carbon arrow. They are super straight, really consistent in weight, and the static spine is amazingly consistent (trust me, I’ve tested them scientifically). When you combine that with a moderately heavy shaft with thick walls and a narrow diameter, you get awesome accuracy, great penetration, even on the biggest animals, and the slim profile is less affected by the wind. This arrow is a winner.”

Xpedition Archery Xception BowXpedition_Xception_Max-1.jpg
The all-new for 2016 Xpedition Archery single-cam bow delivers high performance and ease of tuning with a smooth draw cycle, while a modular draw-length adjustment from 26.5- to 31 inches (without the use of a bow press) and peak weights from 45- to 70 pounds allow the Xception to fit a wide range of archers. Archers report that the limb-stop on the XP-1 cam provides a rock-solid back wall and precise adjustment for draw length/valley with no negative impact on performance. At only 3.9 pounds, the Xception is lightweight yet durable and just the ticket for your bowhunting adventure later this fall. It’s available in a molten black, Realtree Xtra or Realtree Max-1 riser finish.

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